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TransformMe Startup, Targets Students Who Aim for Scholarships

TransformMe Startup, Targets Students Who Aim for Scholarships

Indonesian women, namely Sutaningrat Puspa Dewi, Devfanny Aprilia Artha, and Retno Lestari Ningsih founded TransforMe in September 2020.

This startup in the field of education targets students who want to get scholarships and young professionals. Four months after its launch, the three of them established the legality of PT Global Transforme Nusantara in January.

We operate practically without any capital. But each brings its own skillset and community, said Operations and Programs Director Devfa in a press release, Monday (28/6).

TransformMe Startup, Targets Students Who Aim for Scholarships

He has worked as an IELTS/TOEFL trainer in several Ministries, State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), and other state institutions in the last five years. Meanwhile, Puspa is an emerging young leader.

Then Retno graduated with a master’s degree in England with a Chevening scholarship and a ministry of education and culture scholarship. He regularly shares content about scholarships and has worked in the media.

When it was launched at the end of last year, TransformMe held a workshop on master’s scholarships that attracted nearly 100 participants.

As many as 80 of them then use the services of TransformMe to get scholarships and develop their essay writing skills. The startup has now attracted more than 500 clients.

The majority of users are young professionals aged 22-45 years and work in multinational companies, state-owned enterprises, and government institutions.

We open scholarship guidance services, essay writing strategy, proofreading, and basically IELTS preparation for anyone, said Devfa.

All three of us are over 30 years old, so the material and style provided may be suitable for those in the mid and senior career levels.

Want to Expand Segmentation to Younger Ages

However, the graduate of the University of Westminster majoring in Media and Communication said that TransformMe opened itself to expand segmentation to younger ages.

Mainly, users who want to study S1 abroad. The services provided are English language guidance and how to get a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) as well as scholarships.

She stated, TransformMe has helped hundreds of people study on campuses in England, Australia, America, the Netherlands, and several other countries.

Some are studying in the Ivy League, accepted at Oxford and Cambridge. Most of them get scholarships, said Devfa.

TransformMe Startup, Targets Students Who Aim for Scholarships

TransformMe is not the first player to target the business of scholarship guidance and English test preparation. Product and Marketing Director Retno said that the thing that distinguished TransformMe from other companies was the way the materials were delivered.

Many of our clients say that TransformMe contains all ‘meat’. That’s the feedback we expect, said the graduate of Internet Technology with Business Management at Loughborough University.

The Partnerships and Compliance Director of Puspa added that the fundamental problems of Indonesian citizens who receive scholarships are mindset and self-confidence.

The right mindset is an important start in the stage of getting a scholarship. Steady self-confidence is the final step, he said.

The Educational Leadership graduate at Queen’s University of Belfast said, TransformMe wants to instill in students that scholarships are not just a show of achievement.

Launches SIGAP Learning Program

The company also launched a one-year study program called SIGAP, which stands for Scholarship Incubator and Global Accelerator Program.

SIGAP aims to help the young generation of Indonesia to obtain a master’s degree scholarship within a maximum period of one year. 

TransformMe Startup, Targets Students Who Aim for Scholarships

TransformMe noted, the average person who can get a scholarship within a year because they know how to attract the attention of providers. He told me that he, Retno, and Devfa failed more than seven times to get a scholarship. 

Through the Scholarship Incubator program, participants will be taught how to build the right mindset about scholarships, write strong essays, understand 20 popular full-covered scholarships to practical techniques for dealing with interviews.

Through the Global Accelerator program, participants will learn to prepare for the IELTS test, communicate with native speakers through the English speaking club, academic writing to pre-master or pre-PhD courses. TransformMe costs IDR 8,989,000 for the program. SIGAP registration is open until mid-July.