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Binar Academy Receives Pre Series A Funding

Binar Academy Receives Pre Series A Funding

Binar Academy, an edutech platform that focuses on digital talent development, announced that it has secured further Pre Series A funding with an unpublished value.

Binar Academy Receives Pre Series A Funding

This funding round involved several venture capital companies led by Teja Ventures and by iGlobal Partners with IWEF as well as several angel investors, including the founders of Investree (Dickie Widjaja and Andi Andries).

The fresh funds obtained by the company will be used for expansion, team development, and accelerating user acquisition growth.

Not only that, but this startup will also focus on developing applications that can support the learning activities of the participants, as well as trying to become the first digital skill SuperApp in Southeast Asia.

“The fresh funds we have just obtained will be used to increase the number of available learning materials, and ensure curriculum development is in line with market needs,” said Binar Academy founder and CEO, Alamanda Shantika in an official statement received, Tuesday (31/5/2022).

Binar Academy Receives Pre Series A Funding

Will Deliver Inclusive Education

He further said, Binar will also strive to provide inclusive education that can be accessed from anywhere, but still has world-class learning quality.

To note, Binar Academy, a startup founded by a number of Gojek alumni, offers various exercises for its users, ranging from training for company employees, workshops, to connecting bootcamp participants with the company.

As the newest product, there is also BinarGO, a digital learning class that can be accessed as needed and has independent learning methods.

Since its establishment in 2017, this company already has a number of partners such as BCA, Bank Mandiri, Telkomsel, Tokopedia, Traveloka, to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

Founding Partner of Teja Ventures, Virginia Tan said that Binar Academy’s track record is the reason the company supports startup funding for Binar. Moreover, the extraordinary growth of Binar Academy is a strong testament to the founder and the company’s focus on product quality development.

Throughout 2021, Binar Academy did record an increase in users of up to 13 times compared to 2020. Revenue in 2021 also grew significantly to double compared to 2020, so the company targets a quadruple growth in 2022.

Binar Academy Receives Pre Series A Funding

Ministry of Informatics to Hold a Digital Startup Meeting HUB.ID Summit 2022

On the other hand, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) through the Directorate of Digital Economy, Directorate General of Information Applications (Ditjen Aptika) will hold conferences and business meetings at the 2022 HUB.ID Summit which will be held on 5-6 September in Bali.

Last year, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics ran the HUB.ID’s Accelerator program by facilitating 43 digital startups with a focus on a number of business matchmaking series.

The program has successfully spawned three graduate startups who have now received funding and created more than 100 potential new business partnerships involving about 47 partners that are members of the HUB.ID network.

Therefore, this program which will be held in the next few months is believed to be able to create higher opportunities for domestic start-ups to get investors on a global scale.

Semuel A. Pangerapan, The Director-General of Information Applications at the Ministry of Communication and Information, assessed that the 2022 HUB.ID Summit is a business meeting center between digital startups, industry, local and global venture capital companies, Institutions/Ministries, BUMN, and business partners.

To make the HUB.ID Summit 2022 a success, the Directorate of Digital Economy, Kemenkominfo and Directorate General of Aptika, held a Startup Gathering Road to HUB.ID Summit on Wednesday (18/5/2022) in Sudirman, Jakarta.

According to the Director of Digital Economy at the Directorate General of Aptika, Kemkominfo, I Nyoman Adhiarna, this pre-event activity is intended to encourage participants in the digital startup development program and the general public of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to take part in the HUB.ID Summit this year.