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Best Coworking Space as an Alternative to Your Office

Best Coworking Space as an Alternative to Your Office

So you want to know the best coworking space available out there. Anyone who has spent lots of hours in an office knows that work environment makes a big difference when it comes to employee spirits. And a co-working space often makes a great alternative to your traditional office.

Thanks to improved reliance on mobile devices, employees now have more freedom than ever. They don’t need to always be there at their desk to get the work done. Some companies even create a variety of fascinating common spaces around their workplace to keep the employees productive.

If there is nothing like that in your company, going to a coworking space can be a good choice. Shared office spaces allow you to meet other professionals and improve your network. More importantly, the best coworking space often provides complete amenities like break rooms, kitchens, bathroom, and some others.

Working surrounded by other busy people can help you get inspired. Then, it can be a sweet escape from the traditional office design which is typically boring. To give you some ideas, here are a few most excellent coworking spaces which are located around the world.

Crew Collective & Café, Old Montreal

This spacious coworking space is previously the Royal Bank building in Old Montreal. This former bank is transformed into a classic, stunning coworking space. It is designed by a local architect, Henri Cleinge with high vaulted ceilings and opulent detailing. This is the best coworking space which showcases classical beauty.

This space houses meeting rooms, coworking areas, and even a café. If you are dreaming of working in a glamorous office, take your time to visit this coworking space and do your job there. If you book the conference room, you will enjoy a space which is clad in bronze-plated steel.

The bronze-plated steel is employed to match the bronze details throughout the room. Then, glass dividing walls are used to let light flow through the room. The old bank teller counters are kept and used to separate the area of Crew Collective’s café from the members-only spaces.

The elaborated inlay marble floors and painted plaster ceilings make this best coworking space even more interesting. It can deliver sophistication to your workday. If you are doing business around Old Montreal, Canada, consider visiting this space to get your work done. You can enjoy the delicious menu available at the café too.

Hubud Coworking Space, Bali

Bali has become one of the most visited destinations around the world thanks to its natural beauty. In addition to the popular beaches and surfing sites, Bali also has a beautiful coworking space which makes a great option for digital nomads or freelancers visiting this island.

Bali’s Hubud coworking space is probably one of the most scenic coworking spaces on this list. It combines a comfortable startup workspace and an island paradise in the right way. This best coworking space has eco-friendly doors which have welcome around ten thousand people from all around the world.

This coworking space provides timed memberships with a variety of choices. Compared to other coworking spaces in Bali, Hubud probably seems expensive. But, if you can afford it, it is definitely worth the money. It offers a range of facilities and amenities to make working even more convenient.

More interestingly, this coworking space often holds events which run almost every day. You can always find something going on when visiting this coworking space. It also offers high-speed internet and a perfect getaway from the usual, boring business environments. That’s why it becomes the best coworking space in Bali.

East Room Coworking Space, Toronto

If you love vintage and industrial style, you will love East Room. Situated in Toronto’s Riverside neighborhood, this coworking space is one of the best you can find in the world. In the third floor, you can find a glass-walled room complete with leather chairs and couches, as well as other antique furniture pieces.

The glass wall or partition has a black metal panel, introducing industrial charm throughout the space. It also offers other common spaces which make a great place to work. There are an open lounge and kitchen with exposed brick walls, warehouse windows, worn wooden floors, and wood beams.

More interestingly, this open kitchen and lounge area also has a dedicated coffee shop charm. If you want to try the best coworking space which is different from others, the East room is a great choice. It offers exclusive services including guided jogs around the neighborhood. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you need a comfortable private office suite, it can be found on the second floor. This floor has high-ceilinged concrete corridors. There are also public spaces featuring glowing neon signs and big fiddle leaf fig trees. This space connects leisure, work, and culture to build a dynamic creative environment and community.

The Work Project, Hong Kong

This coworking space promotes a culture of sharing and productivity. Every element in this space has been considered, from the height-adjustable workstations to scents to music refreshments. This coworking space is designed by Bean Buro who makes the interiors focus on architectural details and sculptural approach.

The meeting rooms of this best coworking space are created with curved wooden canopies lined with acoustic cloth soffits. The designer has transformed this space into a flexible working environment which promotes productivity and a variety of working styles. The way color is selected has a great effect as well.

The Work Project has workspaces which are created to give hospitality values and standards. Every visitor is guaranteed to create a memorable experience and comfortable stay when they are working here. You are also supported by access to a variety of facilities, amenities, and services that can sustain productivity and accelerate their rise.

To conclude, coworking spaces can become a great alternative to a boring, traditional office. Coworking spaces are typically crafted to encourage productivity and creativity. That’s why most of them become a better place for work. Finally, hope you benefit the list of best coworking space above and happy working!