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Awaiting Bukalapak’s Strategy After Employee Layoffs

startup bukalapak layoff employee strategy

Termination of employment (PHK) Bukalapak employees who are in the spotlight, considered by observers in this industry as a natural thing that is part of a change in strategy, especially in the startup world.

If it is at a more mature stage like Bukalapak, according to Enda, the step is usually more towards rearranging a new strategy.

startup bukalapak layoff employee strategy

“Looking for new strategies so that we can move faster and achieve the planned goals. But for sure we don’t know. As outsiders we can only speculate,” he explained.

Enda said the dismissal step is considered reasonable if it does not have an impact on the startup’s business.

“For example, up to 50% of termination is certainly not reasonable. But we also don’t know the exact number (Bukalapak’s layoffs). But if the layoffs are not significant, the business is still running positively, so in my opinion, it’s only natural,” Enda explained.