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Basic Startup Company Management


if you are confused between any startup company with the conventional business, then you need to learn more on what makes them different. Several major traits of the startup company will be, that they are disrupting the old way of doing things, and they are also heavily relied on the tech to keep them alive. So you cannot just brag to have created a startup, if your business does not disrupt the way of life people are used to have.

One of the major start up disruption is in fact the old startup generation such as the email, paypal and facebook. Email are demolishing the conventional mailing company such as the US express and so many other mail companies, to the point that they are no longer relevant to our world today. Paypal revolutionize the e-money transactio, whereas facebook startup company is destroying the conventional short message system features the world has known for decades.

Basic Startup Company Management
Basic Startup Company Management

Creative Destruction Today

We do indeed live on the edge of the old ways of doing things, as they will be replaced by the new way of things such as email and so on. And hence, the startup explosion are happening today, and there are so many people out there who want to make their own startup, and perhaps including you. You need to be able to understand the basic startup company management, and here are some few points for you.

  • Delegate responsibility

Regardless of what the scale of business you are in today, task in managing your own startup are enormous and difficult, and hence you need to share the responsibility. You need to make sure that you understand each role of the person you are dealing with, since the person will carry some of the difficult task you  are about to give.

Basic Startup Company Management
Basic Startup Company Management
  • Realistic

Today, every start up founder want to become jeff Bezos, and hence they set an unrealistic goals of their own. This not meant to discourage you, but to become like himf, you need decades of experience and striving, and just after that you can enjoy the wealth like you have imagined before. goals need to be feasible, realistic, and a little ambitious, but too far off goals are just plain stupid.

  • Aspire confidence

This is what makes the conventional business and the startup company has no differences whatsoever, that both of them are required the founder to aspire some degree of confidence. This is obviously concerning the leadership style, and each of the person are indeed hatyzve their own different type of doing things. But aspiring confidence is one of the most basic thing a leader should do.

Basic Startup Company Management
Basic Startup Company Management

Scaling Startup Companies

Scale is one of the most important thing you need to have as a business manager, and hence you need to make sure that your business and goals are scalable. This will make the business can be measured its growth and decline , and the manager of such startup company can take the required measure to respond to the current situation.


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