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7 Indonesian Investor Companies that Support Startup Business


Indonesian investor companies are certainly important in the business world. The reason is that the investment value is an important thing that must be done for each business person. The initial step to run a variety of creative ideas must be done in the business world, especially for businessmen who are just starting or known startup business.

Through these investments, business people will get support in the form of fund channels. Not only that, but the investment also plays a role so that the company can continue to grow. This becomes a natural thing if a lot of startup businesses have sprung up.

Through qualified experience and financial support from investors, this makes the startup business that is run-able to develop very well. There are many investors who support the success of startups. Through this financial support, startups can run the business very well as expected.

7 Indonesian Investor Companies that Support Startup Businesses

Indonesian Investor Companies in the Startup Ecosystem

1. East Ventures

East Ventures is an investor company that has been involved in collaborating with some of the biggest and most well-known companies. This well-known investor company besides providing support in the form of funds, support in the form of creative ideas to develop business is also done for startup businesses.

Among the companies that have collaborated with East Ventures, namely as Traveloka with total funding of US $ 350 million, Tokopedia has reached US $ 1.1 billion, counters, Kudo, and other companies.

This company has a very good track record so far. With this in mind, it is only natural that this company is included as a list of investor companies that are most in-demand by startup startups today.

Through a number of well-known investor companies above, startups do not need to worry about the development and progress of their businesses. Considering that investor companies are very influential in the progress of the startup business, this makes business people have to work with a number of investor companies from Indonesia.

2. Golden Gate Ventures

Golden Gate Venture is a company that has provided funding to startup companies since 2011. Golden Gate Ventures provides funds to the whole Southeast Asian environment, including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Golden Gate Ventures enters as an investor company that invests in e-commerce, Saass platforms, Marketplace, and others. Companies that have supported the success of Golden Gate Venture, namely CodaPay, Carousell, Smart Money, AloDokter, and Indo Trading.

7 Indonesian Investor Companies that Support Startup Businesses

3. Convergence Ventures

For startup businesses, they are most fond of companies of investors in Convergence Ventures. Since 2014, the company has opened up great opportunities for business people who want to get support, from creative ideas to funding needs.

There are already many companies that have been supported by Convergence Ventures, including Female Daily, Garena, Qraaved, Yes Boss, Nida Rooms, Seekmi, and many more.

For the wider community, a line of companies that have been supported by Convergence Ventures is already familiar with it. Through the resulting business is able to support the company’s name more widely and widely known.

4. Gobi Partners

In the world of investment, Gobi Partners will no longer sound familiar to startup businesses. How come? It’s been a long time since this venture company has been in business in the investment industry in Asia. More than 15 years in the field of investment, of course, there are many experiences he got.

There have been many successful companies supported by Gobi Partners, especially in the ASEAN region. While the Gobi Partner is more focused on the startup business which is engaged in e-commerce, cloud computing, Muslim startup, and fintech. From a number of companies that have worked together so far, namely Time Voyager, Travelio, TripsVisto, and Sale Stock.

5. CAV (CyberAgent Ventures)

CAV or CyberAgent Ventures is an investment company from Japan. CyberAgent Ventures has disbursed a number of funds to several companies, especially throughout Asia. An interesting thing that can be known from CyberAgent Ventures is its success in supporting the startup business.

The Indonesian startup business that has been successfully supported by CyberAgent Ventures are Tokopedia, Touchten, Bilna, HarukaEdu, Kurio and several other well-known companies in Indonesia. It is through its success in achieving its success that it has made this company grow and more and more people know it.

6. Venturra Capital

Veturra Capital is an investor company from Indonesia under the auspices of the Lippo Group company. In Indonesia, this investor company is the largest and most well-known company. This is also evidenced by the many companies that have formed partnerships with Venturra Capital. In fact, every company that cooperates with Ventura Capital always achieves success and progresses. Venturra Capital becomes an investment company that does not only prioritize investments.

But Venturra Capital also wants to be the most important part of the consideration of ideas that have been put forward by startup business founders. There are already many companies that have recorded cooperation with Venturra Capital, including Carro, Kfit, RuangGuru, Zilingo, MatahariMall and other companies.

7 Indonesian Investor Companies that Support Startup Businesses

7. Wavemaker

Wavemakers is a venture capital company that always provides support to every new startup or startup. Through creative ideas and business growth, the company that ranks first is very supportive of the business that is being run by startups.

This company has been involved in a lot of and industrial focus, such as Fintech, Adtech and enterprise solutions. Wavemaker also provided support in the form of funds, especially for Zap, Glint, Moka, Zilingo and other industrial companies.

It is through the support that is given that makes the startup company industry can run very smoothly. This is in accordance with the development of the current era.

Investors Provide Support for Startup Business Development and Valuation

As many people know, the more funds invested in a startup, the value or valuation of the startup will increase. In Indonesia there are indeed many investors, both companies and angel investors.

Of the many investors in Indonesia, the 7 investors above are the biggest and most often inject funds for startup business in Indonesia. Thanks to the role of Indonesian investor, startups in this country can spread their wings internationally.

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