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5 Things about Monthly Rent in Coworking Space Jakarta

5 Things about Monthly Rent in Coworking Space Jakarta

Coworking space Jakarta is a profitable place for business people. There are several services that they offer. The most important one is a comfortable and up-to-date workplace for creative industry players, especially start-ups. It is suitable for any kind of business too.

Coworking provides working conditions and atmosphere with complete facilities. An example is an internet connection and also a power outlet near each table. It can be also completed with other facilities such as the kitchen and library. In fact, now many coworking spaces are being built with attractive designs.

5 Things about Monthly Rent in Coworking Space Jakarta

Coworking also provides rental service options as needed by most of the businessmen. Those are starting from the workspace, meeting rooms, working tables to PC rental. This rental service is offered in various price packages. One of the superior price packages, namely the monthly table.

Important Things about Monthly Rent in Coworking Space Jakarta

Monthly rent is often done by companies that do not have their own offices. However, not infrequently many entrepreneurs also personally prefer monthly rent. This method is considered more practical and affordable. Then, what is the price plan for the monthly table? Here is a full review.

1. Monthly Table Price Package

One of the coworking space facilities which are provided by coworking space provider is the monthly table rental packages. Monthly tables become the right alternative choice for business people who need a desk with a monthly rental fee. It can be the best solution.

Monthly table access is certainly more flexible and economical. You can use it right away when it comes or shortly after the rental contract is agreed. You can also take any table as long as it’s still available in public areas. Then you can start working.

Then feel the comfortable work chair and pleasant work atmosphere there. It can be done with other workers who have different company backgrounds. It is actually really great to add network relations and networking. It is included to facilitate the growth and development of the company.

2. Monthly Table Prices

Monthly table as a coworking service will really help you in your work. Tables in coworking are generally rented in several options. First, is a working table price package. A working table or so-called hot desking can be provided in public areas.

This area can also be placed in the company’s private workspace. If a business doesn’t need a personal workspace then you can choose a working table in a public space. In addition, monthly co-working space tables are also available in internet packages.

Usually, this package consists of a table and a PC. By choosing the package, you don’t need to bother bringing your own laptop. This package is generally rented out in a matter of hours per hour. It is recommended if you don’t have a laptop.

Meanwhile, the working table package means you need to bring your own laptop to work if needed. The monthly rent usually offers a fairly affordable price. The price can vary depending on the selected coworking space. Usually, the price is around Rp 1,000,000 per month.

5 Things about Monthly Rent in Coworking Space Jakarta

3. How to Hire a Monthly Coworking Space Table

Generally, coworking management has its own website platform to display or inform the services offered. You can start searching for coworking information from the official management platform. Usually, they have their own website to share all information.

It is useful to avoid fraud and as initial information before you decide to look to the location of coworking. You can choose the closest coworking location. After visiting the location then you can rent the table as needed by your business.

How to rent a coworking space table monthly can be done in two ways. First, make rental reservations through the platform. Second, go directly to the coworking location to make a rental contract. There are several requirements that need to be prepared to rent a coworking table.

This requirement also applies to rent other services in coworking space. Finally, you can choose the position of the table according to taste. After it, you can make it your own desk as long as the rental contract is valid.

4. Work Ethics with Monthly Leases

For this monthly payment, there are several benefits that you can actually get. The first is about the price. If you count it, having a monthly rent is more affordable than the daily one. It is also easier because you don’t need to make new rent every day.

Another benefit is your equipment. Working in a coworking space will for sure make you bring several items. Those are like laptops, printer maybe, and more. Sometimes, the provider offers a service to protect those items for you.

It means that the provider will provide special storage where you can keep all those items. They will ensure safety to keep that thing. However, not all coworking space provides this service. Please make sure that you ask them first about this service.

5 Things about Monthly Rent in Coworking Space Jakarta

5. All-in-One Service Solution

The high cost of renting a building is not only because of the soaring rental costs. But also because you still have to provide office facilities for operational needs while the business is run. It will not happen if a coworking space is completed with important facilities.

Many coworking spaces are rented out by providing rooms for meetings, chairs, tables, and receptionists. Most coworking spaces have been provided by a wifi internet network that makes it easier for office work to grow your business. So you no longer need to buy office facilities.

Meeting directly with a reliable businessman is quite difficult to do unless you rent a coworking space. It is a rare moment. Coworking space tenants are usually composed of many people, one of whom has proven himself capable of developing his business.

You can see and copy directly the work patterns of these senior businessmen. Then you can use the positive things to your operations and employees. So the business that you build can also grow more rapidly. What a super smart way to do.

You can explore the whole coworking building first before deciding to settle on one table. This monthly rental service will help you find a network of relationships and provide a comfortable working atmosphere. Almost all coworking space Jakarta provides this monthly rent.

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