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Woobiz with IPPNU Held Princess Inspiration 2020

Woobiz with IPPNU Held Princess Inspiration 2020

Woobiz as a platform that helps women to sell has just collaborated with IPPNU (the Nahdhatul Ulama Women’s Student Association) to hold the Putri Inspirasi Woobiz 2020. This event involved three million IPPNU members spread across 34 provinces in Indonesia.

Putri Inspirasi Woobiz 2020 will look for young talents who are able to become pioneers to invite the surrounding community to be financially independent by selling.

“This event is a forerunner to boost the regional economy through the Woobiz application, because later not only winners will represent Woobiz, but all Putri Inspirasi participants will become regional representatives to help increase the potential of their respective regions,” said Woobiz Co-Founder, Putri Noor. Shaqina in an official statement received on Friday (18/9/2020).

Woobiz with IPPNU Held Princess Inspiration 2020

For this event, based on the data entered, more than 500 registrants and 350 data were verified and met the entry requirements for the selection stage. Within one month, 100 participants were selected to enter the top 35.

Then from this number, there are 10 finalists who are representatives of the leadership of the IPPNU branch with a leadership background to be a competent candidate for Putri Inspirasi Woobiz 2020.

The selection process for this event is carried out in stages. One of the processes carried out is online quarantine, and the participants receive training in the form of improving public speaking skills, entrepreneurship, social media and personal branding, and women empowerment.

Some of the judges who were involved in Putri Inspirasi 2020 are the President Director of Peruri Dwina Septiani Wijaya, Influencer Aninda Syah Arwan, IPPNU Chair Nurul Hidayatul Ummah, Public Figure Veve Zulfikar Basyaiban, and representatives of Woobiz Putri Noor Shaqina.

Inspirational Princess Give Solutions

After a three-month selection process and a jury assessment, finalists from Magelang City, Kamailiya Ulfah, were selected as the champion for Putri Inspirasi Woobiz 2020. Kamailiya, who is a student of Medical Education at Airlangga University, will receive an educational scholarship of IDR 20 million.

As Daughter of Inspiration for Woobiz 2020, Kamailiya who is familiarly called Fafa in will carry out advocacy aimed at exploring the business potential of the community. Then, he will have a project and help provide solutions such as marketing ideas to education on the use of the Woobiz application.

Woobiz with IPPNU Held Princess Inspiration 2020

In addition to Kamailiya, there are four other winners who are eligible for the nomination for Putri Inspirasi 2020, namely the Favorite Inspiration Princess 2020 Ai Siti Julaeha, the 2020 Friendship Inspirational Princess Salza Izzah Faridah, the Talented Inspirational Princess 2020 Mahira Diffa Rahma Hida, and the 2020 Contributive Inspiration Princess Zea Zahrotul Muniroh.

There are Improvements in the Woobiz App

During the process from the roadshow to the final of Putri Inspirasi, there were an additional 6,881 users on the Woobiz application. Not only that, but there was also a significant increase in transactions.

Then, there are more than 12,000 supporters on social media supporting the participants through the platforms Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This collaboration also accelerates the digitization of 170,000 IPPNU members spread across Indonesia.

Woobiz with IPPNU Held Princess Inspiration 2020

Nurul Hidayatul Ummah, Chairperson of PP IPPNU, said that the digital era as it is today is an opportunity to earn income. He said that Woobiz is a platform that can help its members get an education to become independent women as well as become entrepreneurs.

“IPPNU has members spread throughout Indonesia. For this reason, we hope that all members can join Woobiz, so that they can take advantage of the digital platform to be productive,” said Nurul.

Woobiz facilitates individuals, especially women who want to earn independently. In this case, Woobiz provides access to various products that can be ordered for later resale. These products have been arranged in sets and curated. Not that, there is also education on how to sell well through the Wooniversity program.