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Woobiz, a Social Commerce Startup That Supports Indonesian Women

Social Commerce Startup Women Support

Women have a strategic position wherever it is, particularly in the household. It inspired Woobiz to support them as social commerce. Woobiz has an opportunity to help individuals, especially women since it comes as a mainstay platform to make them financially independent.

Of the many countries in the world, only Indonesia has a Ministry of Women’s Empowerment. This shows that Indonesia is very concerned about the existence of women. Referring to the role of women in each family, that 90% of women’s income is used for their family needs.

Different from men, only 40% of their income is used to improve family welfare. Based on available data, Woobiz wants to introduce the greatness of individuals, especially real women. This startup intends to promote women to be more financially independent and enjoy what they make.

Woobiz’s Big Dream to Help Indonesian Women

“Woobiz’s big dream is to help Indonesian women become financially independent and ease the economic burden of their families. Through Woobiz, I want to contribute to making a real difference and empower women by providing access to digital literacy and training,” Putri Noor Shaqina, Co-Founder of Woobiz, revealed.

Putri added that by access to digital literacy and training, women will get income that can improve the level of the Indonesian economy in the long run. Woobiz facilitates individuals by providing access to a variety of products that can be ordered for sale.

In Woobiz, Products are sold in sets and have been curated. This way, women are not only selling products but also getting knowledge. More importantly, the system is very easy for users to become sellers of a famous brand wherever and whenever.

This big mission refers to three main values, namely empowerment, impact, and trust. To empower each individual, Woobiz creates innovation through technology that can provide access for users. Thus, innovations can form a real impact on the lives of Woobiz Partners or users.

Woobiz Creates Trust in Each Individual to be Successful

With the creation of an impact, Woobiz also encourages trust in each individual to be successful with its platform. One of Woobiz’s partners, Ms. Lestari, has a sales business of nearly six million rupiahs with an income of one million rupiahs.

“I want to have an income but I’m confused about how to do it. After meeting with the Woobiz community team, I was interested in joining and it turned out to be really profitable. In recent sales, I had received income that could help ease my husband’s burden,” Lestari said.

“We are building a new distribution ecosystem using a shared economy. Thus, all parties who collaborate with us from brands to partners and buyers can get the benefits,” added Putri. Until now Woobiz has collaborated with various merchants such as fashion, food and beverages and cosmetics.

Some local and well-known brands that have established relationships are OrangTua Group, Kimbo, Dear Me Beauty, and Mbok Subur. As starters, the Jakarta Metropolitan Area became the main domain that was focused first. Later Woobiz will continue to expand its marketing area throughout Indonesia.