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Withings Move Watch, One of The New Gadgets 2019

Withings Move Watch, One of The New Gadgets 2019

Technology never stops to improve. There is always new advancement that has proven by several New gadgets 2019. One of the new gadgets of this year is activity tracking watch by Withings. If you know about the smartwatch by Apple or Xiaomi, then this new gadget will not be too strange for you though.

If some brands made their smartwatch with super glamour design and very advanced technology. So does Withings with its Withings Move watch. But unlike other smartwatches, Withings Move has its specialization on fitness activity tracking. So, if you are the one who loves sport, this watch will be great for you.

Several specifications of Withings Move only owned by it. If you got interested to know more about this one of the New gadgets 2019, then you can find out about many things about Withings Move and consider about plus and minus things before you decide to buy it. Here we go!

Withings Move And Its Longest Battery Life Record

Withings Move Activity Tracking Watch got the record for the longest battery life of the gadget. As we see that most of the gadget has a short limit on battery life. At least, we have to recharge it for once or twice a day. As the Apple SmartWatch 4 with 0.75 days of battery life.

It was different with Withings Move watch. Compared to other watch-shaped gadgets, it has the longest battery life. Imagine that you don’t need to recharge your gadget every day, and every time if you are going to use it. Especially when it comes to a gadget which is special to track your sports activity in every day.

As one of the New gadgets 2019, this Withings Move is lit. You can use it every day without ever worry about the battery. You don’t need to bring the charger every time you do activities or anywhere because the battery life can stand for 18 months of use with no charging.

Withings Move is the only one of New gadgets 2019 which already applied this advancement in their technology. It actually can improve the user satisfaction and their technology experience by letting them free of ‘gadget-checking’ to make sure the battery level remaining while focusing in their real activities, such as swimming, gym, or anything else.

Ability To Track The Activities in Super Classic Watch Design

As the name of the gadget, Withings Move can track every activity you do in daily life, especially when you are running, walking, swimming, and other sports, and even sleeping! This is the best tracking watch you have ever found. And not only its special ability but also the classic design of it.

Even if Withings seemed cut down the cost in making the design, but it doesn’t make the Withings Move less of its coolness. The design is to adopt simplicity, no screen and replaced the glass or sapphire with plastic material, but it can still show the activity directly on its dial as the third hands.

You still can stay fancy and classy at it finest of your style by wearing this one of the New gadgets 2019. This design becomes an interesting thing to try because it’s more attractive because of its customizability. Imagine that you can put your creativity for the colour or even the watch face itself.

You can choose any colours you like for your watch belt, and of course, you can mix and match it. It doesn’t have to be one colour, but it can be a different colour one and another. It was satisfying you while you are wearing it. Interested to buy? Decide it right now!

Any Features in Withings Move Activity Tracker Watch

Besides the record of the longest battery life, the ability to track and record every activity you’ve done automatically, and the customizable design, the Withings Move watch also has another speciality of its technology. As one of the New gadgets 2019, Withings Move also has a feature to connect to the GPS and mapping your path.

The GPS connection happened because of the activate of chronograph technology that Withings Move had. By connecting the watch to the GPS, you will get complete information about the distance, duration, elevation, and the path you’ve been through. You can check it all the complete information from the Health Mate app which is free.

By using the Health Mate app and connect it into your Withings Move watch, you can improve the overtime and view your trends. It definitely can boost your spirit to do sport routine activity to make you healthier with one of the New gadgets 2019 that is cool, and super Millenials like you.

Sleep, And Then It Will Track Your Sleep Activity

As it has explained, this kind of smartwatch could track your sleep activity too. You probably think, what is the function of tracking the sleep activity? You may think that sleep means you don’t do anything just like running or swimming, but only laying down yourself in the bed.

The watch is not going to track that because it couldn’t be recorded. The Withings Move watch will only track your sleep record. You can find out how’s your restorative night by analyzing the sleep score of yours based on your regularity, duration, depth, and interruptions. There is also a sleep cycle of yours.

Withings Move also provides you with a smart wake-up feature where it can be an alarm to wake you up in the morning or at the time you should wake up. This is very useful. You only need to wear it while you are asleep and everything is under control with this one of New gadgets 2019.

So, that’s the brief review of the plus points of Withings Move Activity Tracker Watch that you should keep in mind. You can consider it now and decide when you should buy this amazing gadget. As one of New gadgets 2019, this must be the greatest gadget even there’s still any incompletion.