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Unicorn Startups Make Indonesia Looks Promising in Asia

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When it comes to technology, Indonesia’s role in the Asian realm is increasingly apparent. Indonesia is even touted to surpass Singapore. This is inseparable from the emergence of various startup companies which currently, some of them have already gained unicorn status.

These conditions made Tech in Asia chose Jakarta to be the host of the Tech in Asia Conference again. This event was a consolidation of several previous local conferences which in the last seven years were held in several cities such as Tokyo and Singapore.

Tech in Asia Founder, Willis Wee, said that as a form of support to develop a startup ecosystem in Asia, it seeks to become a liaison that helps digital entrepreneurs build businesses in the Asian market. “Indonesia is an important market for startups,” he said in Jakarta not long ago.

He considered the Indonesian market essential for startups that want to penetrate the regional market. This is because the market provides many great opportunities. Jakarta is home to most startups and technology companies in Indonesia. It also has a strategic position for companies to expand to various islands and regions.

Bekraf: The Growth of Indonesian Startups Was Expected to Increase by 30% in 2019

Meanwhile, based on data from the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf), the growth of Indonesian startups is expected to increase by 30% this year. Indonesia also has several unicorns, startups that have a valuation of USD 1 billion including Gojek, Traveloka, Bukalapak, Tokopedia, and OVO.

The Tech in Asia Conference located at the Jakarta Convention Center was held earlier this month and was expected to attract around 6,000 visitors from various professions, such as investors, executives, local and international media, as well as the technology community.

In the conference, speakers from companies and startups shared experiences on how to take technological innovation to the next level. The intended speakers were Temasek International Joint Head Investment Group, Rohit Sipahimalani, Managing Director of PT Google Indonesia, Randy Jusuf, and OVO CEO, Jason Thompson.

Tokopedia’s Founder and CEO William Tanuwijaya, as well as Bukalapak’s CEO Achmad Zaky, was intended to become speakers in this event. With more than 50 sessions, Tech in Asia Conference presented 4-stage content, consisting of 1 Main Stage and 3 Expert Stages.

Then, what are the presented topics? Topics covered include Marketing & Branding, Growth & Expansion, Sales & Revenue, Product & Tech, People & Talent, Into Asia Market, Financial & Fund Management, Creativity in Tech, Research & Analytics, as well as Legality & Regulation.

Tech in Asia Conference Provided Place for Startups to Participate in Various Activities

In addition to seeking knowledge and expanding networks with stakeholders in the technology ecosystem in Asia, visitors of Tech in Asia Conference can also participate in a selection of segments, such as Startup Factory, Startup-Investor Speed ​​Dating, Arena Pitch Battle, and Roundtable.

The Tech in Asia Conference was expected to be a catalyst that can facilitate startups as well as technology activists to grow and improve a business in Indonesia and Asia. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s digital economy was reported to reach USD 40 trillion in 2019 based on the e-Conomy report.

Managing Director of Google SEA, Randy Jusuf, said that the number increased more than five times from USD 8 billion in 2015. The largest contributor to the economy in Indonesia is its startups. The startups cover five sectors including e-commerce, online media, travel, online transportation, and digital financial services.

The report also showed that Indonesia’s digital economy was the fastest in the past five years in the Southeast Asian region. Indonesia is even expected to be a country that encourages dynamic economic growth for Southeast Asia. Therefore, Indonesia’s digital economy is predicted to reach USD 133 billion in 2025.