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TopKarir Startup Has ‘Tools’ to Reduce Unemployment in Indonesia

TopKarir Startup Has 'Tools' to Reduce Unemployment in Indonesia

A startup site provider for job vacancies and a labor supplier, TopKarir applies big data or big data to analyze the availability of workers and industry needs. This technology has the potential to reduce unemployment in Indonesia.

Companies rely on information from clients spread across the country and general data such as ministries and agencies (K/L) and local governments. Currently, TopKarir has nearly 60 thousand partners, 20% of which are large companies. While the rest are Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM).

TopKarir Startup Has 'Tools' to Reduce Unemployment in Indonesia

In addition, the company collaborates with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Bappenas, and the Ministry of Education and Culture. Data from clients and ministries are then analyzed using big data.

As a result, companies can find out the percentage of prospective workers per type of expertise, skills, and majors in each region. In addition, TopKarir has information regarding what types of jobs are needed by the industry in each region.

In Cooperation with the East Java Provincial Government

The startup company can also find out what types of work are in high demand at a certain period. “Big data is specific,” said TopKarir Co-Founder and CEO Bayu Janitra Wirjoatmodjo during a virtual press conference, Thursday (27/8). However, he admitted that the data analyzed by TopKarir did not represent the whole of Indonesia.

This is because job searches in most areas are carried out conventionally. “The obstacle is that not all provincial governments have done this (record data related to workers). So, (the big data) does not cover all of Indonesia,” he said.

Currently, TopKarir is only working with the East Java provincial government to develop a digital dashboard related to talent interests. This startup provides several test categories to see the suitability of the character to the work profession. Bayu hopes that the central and local governments will allow companies to collect labor-related data.

TopKarir Startup Has 'Tools' to Reduce Unemployment in Indonesia

Suitability of Education Levels in Indonesia Has High Mismatch

Moreover, based on the 2015 National Labor Force Survey (Sakernas) processed by the Demographic Institute of the University of Indonesia, the suitability of education levels in Indonesia has a mismatch of 53.33%.

This study is from a vertical scale. On the horizontal scale, the suitability of job qualifications with educational background has a mismatch of 60.52%. These data are based on a survey of 12,396,429 respondents who work aged 18-64 years, with a Diploma I education and above.

If TopKarir has data on the workforce from many regions in Indonesia, the insights obtained will certainly describe the actual condition as a whole. These data can then be offered to his clients.

However, Bayu did not specify the monetization scheme for his services or the amount. Only, TopKarir provides services for companies to analyze the talents of their employees. “We are developing a special page that the personnel division (HRD) can use to map and plan internal development,” he said.

TopKarir Startup Has 'Tools' to Reduce Unemployment in Indonesia

TopKarir Analyzes Job Search Data during Pandemic

Based on the data analyzed by TopKarir, sales staff, marketing, customer service, analytical data, and data scientists are needed during the corona pandemic. Meanwhile, the industries that open up the most job vacancies are banking, personnel services, and manufacturing.

However, the hiring of workers dropped dramatically during March-May. “The biggest ones are manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, cafes,” said Bayu.

In addition, TopKarir noted that the need for administrative personnel continued to decline. In the past five years, this type of job was in demand by many companies. However, large corporations to SMEs have started digitizing their business systems in the last two to three years. As a result, the demand for administrative personnel continues to decline.

TopKarir provides a variety of services, such as a job portal for full-time workers and internships. In addition, a digital dashboard for MSMEs and talent interests in East Java. The startup also provides TopEdu services to hone skills. Then, the Business Page for developing the quality of a company’s workers.