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Tokotalk Is Expected to Become a Solution for Online Sellers

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It is no secret that the digital era has influenced both old and new online businesses. Right now, online selling is nothing new. Many businesses have gone online and taken advantage of the technology to sell their goods and services.

However, there is a new startup which presents a platform for online sellers to do their business on social media. The platform is named Tokotalk. This platform was introduced in 2016 and targeted online sellers on social media. It offers a solution for sellers to manage their online stores.

Tokotalk provides a variety of features from free to paid ones. The paid features offer plus points such as a choice of more varied features. One of the features is that Tokotalk helps online sellers to create a personal website or domain with a wide selection of cute themes.

Tokotalk has also been integrated with several social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Besides, it also comes with a chatbot service, making it easy and quick for online sellers to greet and help prospective customers while scrolling down the website.

Tokotalk Website Has Integrated Shipping Couriers

Furthermore, the Tokotalk website has also been integrated with various shipping couriers and is equipped with various payment methods. “All of this can be obtained by all sellers who register. Tokotalk users don’t need any coding or design skills,” Jinmahn Hong, the CEO of TokoTalk, explained on Tuesday (10/1).

Meanwhile, the website offered is based on mobile since it was made regarding the Indonesian market. Most online shoppers use chat to order products at online stores. “We do not want to change this habit. Instead, we look for solutions by adjusting TokoTalk based on that habit,” he added.

At present, Jinmahn said that Tokotalk already has 155,000 online partners or sellers. He also claimed that these partners managed to increase their sales by 5-10 times since joining Tokotalk. For those who will join, there are free features that can be used by partners.

However, there are also more complete features that users can pay starting from IDR 40,000 to IDR 750,000 per month with a subscription system. Then, once a partner has joined, all of their income is not subject to deductions or commission. It is fully owned by the partner.

Tokotalk Is Optimistic about the Features of Its Platform

Considering the development of the platform which continuously grows every year, Jinmahn is optimistic that this platform will develop even more. He claimed that the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of the platform has reached a fantastic value of IDR 20 billion this year.

“When it comes to gross merchandise value (GMV), we have experienced a growth of 50% month over month (MoM) since TokoTalk was launched. For now, our GMV has reached IDR 20 billion,” he said. For this reason, he is optimistic that he can grow around 50% every month.

There are several ways to achieve the target, such as providing new features which ease the partners. For example, there should be other features like a display of conversation rates or total visit numbers on the website. Moreover, there can be one-click marketing tools as well.