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Thinking about studying overseas?

Thinking about studying overseas?

Studying abroad has always been an attractive opportunity for many students. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Germany is becoming a popular study destination for international students as they have access to free high-quality education and excellent teaching and research among the public universities.

Many factors contribute to the uniqueness of studying in Germany. It’s not about the affordable, world-class education students can get here, it is also an excellent learning environment that encourages and pushes students to achieve great things.

Encouragement of critical thinking is less of a method and more of a cornerstone of the German teaching approach. Universities strive to provide an open learning environment in which everyone may express their thoughts and ideas on topics important to their field of study and discuss them with others in the same or even different fields of study.

Thinking about studying overseas?

“Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) recently renewed their partnership with us to continue to provide a direct pathway for students to pursue their undergraduate studies at public universities and technical institutes in Germany. To date, 111 students have enrolled in the A Level German Pathway program,” said Director of German Educare Jonathan Lau.

“With this continued partnership, the A Level German Pathway allows more students to have the opportunity to learn the German language concurrently with their A Level studies. Students who have completed their studies under this program will get a chance to advance their studies at their selected universities in Germany.

“As soon as students complete their A Level German Pathway at MCKL, they will continue the intensive University Preparation (UP) program at German Educare. The first half of the program will be held in Malaysia, while the rest will be completed in Aachen, Germany,” he said.

Thinking about studying overseas?

MCKL’s A Level German Pathway is designed to help students learn German while they are still studying their pre-university. On the other hand, the University Preparation Program helps students get an offer from the university of their choice. It is the bridge between

pre-university and university and equip students with sufficient knowledge for them to transition to living and studying in Germany. It is very helpful to students who want to study internationally in a non-English speaking country like Germany.

MCKL remains one of the earliest tertiary institutions in Malaysia to offer the A Level programme with an excellent track record of 100% German university acceptance rate for students who meet the academic and language requirements.  For over 38 years, MCKL has been providing quality higher education and will launch its first branch campus – MCKL College (Penang, Pykett Campus) in August 2021.

The experienced German Educare team not only helps students to decide what and where to study, but they also provide support to students in Germany in the form of the emergency hotline, assigned student leader as well as peer-to-peer support. Students are well taken care of despite them being far away from home and away from their family.

School leavers can book a free one-on-one consultation with German Educare student advisors to learn more about their preparation programs. The next intake for Methodist College Kuala Lumpur’s A Level German Pathway is in August 2021. Visit www.germaneducare.com to learn more.