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The Latest Review of Kindle Oasis 2019


Amazon has finally released its Kindle Oasis 2019. With its big new features, the latest generation of Kindle Oasis is ready to make the most of your reading experience. There are some adjustments which are added to this new Oasis with the display as the primary concern.

Unlike the previous generation, this new Kindle Oasis offers a warmer light display. Rather than letting you personally change the light’s strength, you are now able to customize the color tone. It is a new setting that allows you to go from a white screen to an amber screen.

This display setting is highly crucial since it makes it possible for you to set the light to accommodate your needs. For instance, you’ll need a much softer light for nighttime reading. And what are the other things that make it different from the previous Kindle Oasis generation?

What Makes Kindle Oasis 2019 Different from Its Predecessor

Even though this new Kindle Oasis has a big display upgrade, there is actually not much else new from this device. You won’t get a new design from the previous Oasis. You will see a similar device with those page-turning buttons and a 7” display screen.

Moreover, you can expect Audible audiobook support too. But, since there’s a lack of a built-in speaker, you may like to connect this device to a pair of Bluetooth headphones in order to take advantage of this feature. This new feature is one of the highlights on this latest update.

Another thing that makes the Kindle Oasis 2019 is more favorable than the previous generation is its upgraded waterproof feature. Then, you can select this new generation of Kindle Oasis in a range of choices as well. The base option offers 8GB storage and there is also 32GB of storage version.

Besides, there is also an option to add 3G and 4G connectivity. If you are interested to get this new Kindle Oasis, you’ll be offered to choose between two colors: graphite and gold. There are also some other accessories offered including the water-safe fabric covers which come in various color options.

Reasons to Buy the New Kindle Oasis

This new generation of Kindle Oasis is scheduled to ship on July 24. However, this device is already available for pre-order. However, is this updated Oasis worth to buy? If you have the previous generation of this device which still works properly, you may consider waiting for the next update.

However, if you haven’t had any Amazon Kindle before and are thinking of buying one to enhance your reading experience, this new Kindle Oasis is a good bet for you. Its waterproof feature makes it possible for you to enjoy reading even in the bathroom.

To conclude, the latest Oasis is an impressive device which everyone should consider. It has an upgraded display that makes it easier for the users to set the brightness of the screen based on the reading time. Overall, the Kindle Oasis 2019 is worth to buy if you need a new Kindle this year.