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Ternak Uang Continues Young Investor Education Mission

Ternak Uang Continues Young Investor Education Mission

The start-up company PT Ternak Uang Nusantara or Ternak Uang is still continuing its mission to improve the financial literacy of young people, especially those who are interested in becoming novice investors.

The Co-Founder and CEO of Ternak Uang, Raymond Chin, said that after entering its first year of operation, Ternak Uang’s mission is to encourage financial literacy and investment.

“In the short term, we want to continue to provide relevant services for the younger generation who want to learn about finance. Such as improving the quality of services from Ternak Uang Academy, Tutoring, and various other services,” he said in an official statement, Thursday (19/8/2021).

Ternak Uang Continues Young Investor Education Mission

For your information, the startup created by Raymond with two influencers in the financial and investment fields Timothy Ronald and Felicia Putri Tjiasaka was born on August 7, 2021, which incidentally was in the middle of a pandemic.

Raymond and Timothy initially started their journey with the launch of the Ternak Uang website because they were motivated by the pandemic conditions that hit the country.

Then, Felicia, who happens to be a financial and investment practitioner who has pocketed a CFA level 3 certificate since 2019, joined.

“Coinciding with the pandemic that occurred, some people realized the importance of investment. This can be seen from the surge in investor growth during the corona pandemic. Therefore, Ternak Uang is here to provide proper education and debriefing to young investors,” he explained.

Users Increase Up to 30% Every Month

Currently, Livestock Uang has more than 351,000 users. Since its inception, this financial education platform has consistently recorded an average user growth of 30 percent every month.

Raymond believes that this company is able to become a platform for young entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. “Money Livestock, as the name suggests is likened to money always growing, developing. It is not static and silent, but can be developed,” said Raymond Chin.

Ternak Uang Continues Young Investor Education Mission

Meanwhile, the distribution of user areas is currently still dominated by the Greater Jakarta area, followed by an almost evenly distributed distribution throughout Indonesia, then to eastern Indonesia.

According to Raymond, through Livestock Uang, the start-up he founded can encourage the younger generation to be more literate in financial literacy and investment in order to move the wheels of the national economy in a more advanced direction.

Aimed at People of All Ages, Especially the Young Generation

Raymond added that in general Livestock Uang is intended for people of all ages. However, if it is narrowed, the younger generation who wants to learn about finance and investment is the main target.

The largest users were recorded to be from the age group of 24 years and under, there were even users who were 14 years old. Then, there are some users from the age group of 25-35 years.

“For the long-term plan, we hope to strengthen the investor community as a platform that can empower fellow investors with each other,” he said.

Ternak Uang Continues Young Investor Education Mission

Timothy Ronald who now serves as Co-Founder and CMO of Ternak Uang added that entering its second year, the strategy that will be taken by Ternak Uang to attract more young people is one of them through social media.

“For example, TikTok, which is synonymous with entertainment-related content, is used by Ternak Uang as a means of education with an investment theme,” he explained.

In fact, Timothy himself is listed as one of the first stock content creators on Tiktok who was able to make himself a different figure and quickly grabbed the attention of many young people in terms of investment and finance.

Indirectly, Timothy’s existence had made the Indonesian people’s trust in Ternak Uang visible. So that before the company was officially ‘born’ there were already around 300 participants who were interested in registering.