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Talking About An Artificial Intelligence Technology


If we are talking about An artificial intelligence technology, the first thing we were gonna think is something which has an automation system, isn’t it? It’s actually not wrong. Artificial intelligence or AI was a kind of machines that controlled by a computer system which could act like humans. Its existence just brought many benefits to humans.

Some people didn’t clearly understand the form of AI itself and what kind of its clear form of technology. Actually, AI is only a system. It could be in the robot, your gadget, or in your car. AI was spreading massively today. An artificial intelligence technology is around yourself. Anything else? Check it out.

Speech Recognition as a Form On AI

An artificial intelligence technology which really known by most people in the world is speech recognition technology. If you are an Apple user, you will be really familiar with Siri who could help you with anything starting from calling someone in your contact, open the camera, and many more. This is a kind of AI.

AI there was a system which could transcribe human language. It could understand and process every single voice and language and reached thousands of people through a voice-response interactive system and also mobile apps. If you want to use this service, there are several choices such as Nuance Communication, Open text, NICE, and also Verint System.

Try The Virtual Agent as it Helped by AI

If you are familiar with smart home management, then you’ll be familiar too with the term virtual agent. It’s An artificial intelligence technology which nothing more than a program or computer agent which capable to interact with humans. It’s commonly used as the customer support and service for every human as a customer in any sectors.

AI as a virtual agent helped the human as a customer by trying to reduce the wait-times of them. So that it could improve the customer experience. Many companies have implemented this system such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and other big companies. And indeed it really helped them to manage their customer as well as the human.

AI in Biometrics Sector For The Rescue

AI in this sector was playing a role as the technology which could identify, analyze and measure human behaviour and their physical aspects of the body’s form and structure. In this sector, AI helped human by allowing natural interaction between the machines and humans such as touch, image, body language recognition, or anything else.

This technology still being improved by several biometrics companies such as Affectiva, Agnitio, FaceFIrst, and so on. Overall, AI really involved itself to improve human life quality. No matter how many contras appeared, AI still is the solution to many things in this world. and the biometric sector became proof of the AI existence.

Those are technologies which are using AI system. Most of it just really close to our lives, right? you use it every day and even every time. so now, you’re no longer confused about the form of AI itself, and you will get it if someone is talking about an artificial intelligence technology.