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Spaces for Startup are Provided by Pontianak Government

Spaces for Startup are Provided by Pontianak Government

The company’s increasing development has prompted Pontianak City Government to make room for local startup. The Hub Company, for example, the collaboration between the government and local companies in Pontianak. This is done to connect the company’s network in the city.

In addition, it also provides collaborative support and creates a competitive and advanced corporate community in Pontianak. As a result, companies can continuously develop their businesses and create creative jobs in the city.

Spaces for Startup are Provided by Pontianak Government

The Head of the Communication and Information Department of Pontianak City, Uray Indra Mulya, said that the Hub Company was created to explore the potential of local companies. The step was taken to promote the development of Pontianak towards smart cities in Indonesia.

For this reason, the Pontianak City Government provides a shared workspace for local companies in the city. Considering the city’s great demographics, especially the younger generation, Uray explained that the city had to be channeled properly. Therefore, they need a place to make them feel at home in showing their creativity.

Local Companies Show Their Existence through Hub Companies

Pontianak City Government allows young people to be creative in any form while utilizing the Hub Company. The company hub is located on the 2nd floor of the Pontianak Mayor’s Office. Offers three work spaces, including a lounge, meeting rooms and shared work space.

This facility is equipped with Wi-Fi and 21 tables which are equipped with personal computers. More interestingly, there is also a kitchen bar in the lounge for visitors to relax after working in a shared workspace. Apart from companies, the general public can take advantage of this space as well.

Spaces for Startup are Provided by Pontianak Government

Simon Petrus, one of the founders of a local company in Pontianak, said that the existence of space for the company helped him and other companies. His company, Bliving, is a smart home device that can recommend sound to give commands in the form of turning off lights and saving electricity.

Technology Companies Continue to Grow in Pontianak

The rapid development of technology helped change the business model. One of them is the emergence of technology companies, their presence provides a broad influence. Various success stories from local companies such as Gojek, BukaLapak, and Traveloka triggered the spirit of the emergence of new companies.

Not only big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta which have quite well-known companies, Pontianak City also has companies that are not less interesting or even seem unique. If you plan to build a company in the coming year, there’s nothing wrong to take a peek at the unique ideas of this company. The following are unique companies in Pontianak City:

Spaces for Startup are Provided by Pontianak Government
  1. Abang Desa

Abang Desa, an abbreviation of “Ayo Bangun Desa”, is a lending marketplace or peer-to-peer (p2p) platform from Pontianak that tries to connect investors with SMEs. This companies was founded in mid-2016 by Adiwarna and Sutopo Widodo.

  1. Bujang Kurir

Bujang Kurir is the first Personal Delivery Order Service in Pontianak, which comes with the concept of convenience in everyday life by understanding all the needs of the community.

This is very helpful. Starting from this program, the City Government has contributed to the company’s growth. This helps provide a place for new tech companies in this city. It’s also very useful, especially for new companies that don’t have offices.

He hopes that with government support, it can encourage more young people to build companies. And those who want to build one should not give up easily.

Simon also reminded me that building a company is not easy. However, young people must believe that many support them. For example, there are governments with their facilities and investors with their funds, thus, startup can grow well in Pontianak.