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Sales of Household Products on Ruparupa.com Rise 300%

Sales of Household Products on Ruparupa.com Rise 300%

The e-commerce company, Ruparupa.com, recorded a 300% increase in transactions for household products during the Covid-19 pandemic. The most popular products are work tables and chairs, as well as sports support.

“If seen from the trend, the increase is more than 300%,” said Chief of Marketing Ruparupa.com Budiono Darmawan during a virtual press conference, Wednesday (14/4).

He explained the products that were most sought after at the beginning of the corona epidemic were masks, an increase of 1,000%.

Sales of Household Products on Ruparupa.com Rise 300%

Then, sales of furniture such as chairs and desks increased. This is in line with the proliferation of working from home, aka work from home (WFH). “The demand has increased significantly,” he said.

Storage racks and sports support are also in demand by consumers during the pandemic. “These include treadmills, stationary bikes to yoga mats,” he said. Currently, Ruparupa.com has attracted 500 thousand customers and has 67 thousand product variants.

Part of Kawan Lama Group

This platform is part of the industrial equipment provider company Kawan Lama Group, which has several retail business lines such as Ace Hardware, Informa, and Krisbow.

Ruparupa.com Chief of Many Things Teresa Wibowo added that the company is relying on an omnichannel strategy during the corona pandemic.

“We unite the stores under the auspices of the Kawan Lama Group. There are 600 points in Indonesia. This is to make it easier for customers to pick up products,” he said.

Sales of Household Products on Ruparupa.com Rise 300%

This strategy is in line with a survey from DBS Bank last year. “We suggest that companies accelerate their omnichannel strategy or start partnerships with established e-commerce platforms,” ​​the DBS report said.

The report also shows that people’s interest in using e-commerce has jumped from 24% to 66% during the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, residents who chose physical shops or malls fell from 73% to 24%.

Respondents who chose websites and social media as their shopping options edged up during the coronavirus, to 6% and 3%, respectively.

The survey was conducted online with 545 respondents. The majority of respondents reside around Jakarta (70%), Java outside Jakarta (17%) and outside Java (13%).

It Has been Operating in Indonesia for Five Years

For five years in Indonesia, Ruparupa.com, which is part of the Kawan Lama Group, is here to complement the home and lifestyle and is supported by various services and the convenience of shopping with an omnichannel concept.

In the five years of Ruparupa.com’s journey in Indonesia, the company is committed to continuously improving services from various sides for customer satisfaction.

“We start from the addition of various product variants, cooperation with third parties to facilitate transactions,” said Teresa Wibowo, CEO of Ruparupa.com, at a virtual press conference held in Jakarta, Wednesday (14/4/2021).

Ruparupa.com also provides an easier shopping experience, through the first omnichannel concept in Indonesia, where customers can combine online shopping experiences that are connected with 350 offline store networks.

Sales of Household Products on Ruparupa.com Rise 300%

Provides More than 67 Thousand Types of Products on the Platform

Rupa.rupa.com provides more than 67,000 types of products that also support lifestyles in new habitual times. Among them are furniture, home living, kitchen, and rack and storage products that will make your home more optimal to support a variety of productive activities at home.

In addition, lifestyle products are also available to support a variety of activities and hobbies for the whole family, from sports at home, cycling, gardening, raising animals, to toy collections.

You can also get various health support products that are needed during the pandemic, starting from a series of cleaning fluids and disinfectants, antiseptic wet wipes, cloth and medical masks, air purifiers, to vacuum cleaners.

Carrying the Omnichannel concept, Ruparupa.com presents an easy shopping experience through the STOPS (Store Pick-Up Service) facility where customers who shop on the website or mobile application can pick up products purchased at the Kawan Lama Group retail store.