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Ruangguru Opens Free Online School to Help Covid-19 Affected Students

Ruangguru Opens Free Online School to Help Covid-19 Affected Students

The largest learning application in Southeast Asia, announced the opening of the Ruangguru Free Online School through the Ruangguru application this Saturday. This is an effort made by Ruangguru to help students learn in the midst of a coronavirus emergency.

Through the Ruangguru Online School program, which is provided free of charge, students can take distance learning online (live teaching). Learning can be done by students every Monday to Friday in the Ruangguru application.

Ruangguru Opens Free Online School to Help Covid-19 Affected Students

Starting from Monday, March 16, 2020, students can take part in Ruangguru Free Online School lessons from 08.00 – 12.00 WIB, where 15 live teaching channels will be available covering all subjects in accordance with the national curriculum, starting from grade 1 elementary school to grade 12 high school (Natural Sciences and Social Sciences), which is guided by Ruangguru Master Teachers.

Students who do not have time to take part in learning in the morning can access the learning on the same day after 12 noon. This feature is very useful for students so that they will not miss the lesson.

The live-teaching feature is not the only one. Ruangguru also provides free question bank and online tryout features for students to improve their understanding.

There Is a Special Training Program for Teachers

In addition to programs for students, teachers can also increase their capacity in teaching through the Online Teacher Training program which is available in the Ruangguru application, free for the next 1 month.

There are around 250 videos and modules for teacher training that cover basic competency materials, both in the pedagogical and professional fields. The material includes the ability of classroom management, development of learning plans and others.

“The presence of the Free Ruangguru Online School is a form of our concern for the safety and health of millions of teachers, students, and families, as well as our efforts to ensure that access to education remains open to all students in Indonesia, wherever and whenever,” the Founder and Director Utama Ruangguru Belva Devara, said in a written statement, Saturday (3/14/2020).

Like school, as usual, students can also find out what will be learned at certain hours and days through the detailed learning schedule contained in the Ruangguru application.

Ruangguru Opens Free Online School to Help Covid-19 Affected Students

The Live-Chat Feature Makes It Easy For Students to Discuss

At each live teaching session in Ruangguru Online School, students can also ask questions and discuss with other students through the live chat feature. There is also a set reminder feature in the application that can remind students automatically when a class will start at the appointed time.

If students have not been able to attend classes from the start, learning at Ruangguru Free Online School can be accessed again after the entire session has finished.

“We are aware that the situation that is plaguing so many students and families today has disrupted their learning and teaching. We also open special programs for local governments and schools that need further technical support to ensure that teaching and learning activities continue to run effectively. We will announce the procedure in the next few days,” Ruangguru’s Founder and Director of Products & Cooperation, Faith Usman added.

Ruangguru Opens Free Online School to Help Covid-19 Affected Students

Nadiem Appreciates the Free School Program From Ruangguru

Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim appreciated the support of various companies in the field of educational technology in helping students in areas affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Students can continue to study independently, through online learning facilities or online, even if their schools are forced to take a long day off.

The Ruangguru Free Online School was opened after the World Health Organization (WHO) established COVID-19 as a pandemic, and after the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recommended distance learning activities because COVID-19 had disrupted 290 million students’ school activities all over the world.