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Qualified Nurses needed in Germany!

Qualified Nurses needed in Germany!

With excellent living conditions in Germany and a superb healthcare system, the majority of the German population enjoys good health into old age. However, with an ageing society during the Covid-19 pandemic with the combination of a decreasing number of younger people starting their careers, the demand for professional nurses are on the rise more than ever.

There are over 25,000 available job positions in care facilities that are waiting to be filled.

With Germany’s ageing population, the demand for healthcare professionals, especially nurses, is growing. Many hospitals and nursing homes in Germany are turning to recruit talents from abroad to help fill in the large gap.

A survey was conducted in December 2019 by the trade union Verdi and three associations of nursing agencies found that over 50,000 nurses were in demand in hospitals across the country. By the year 2035, there will be a huge demand for 307,000 nurses and healthcare providers in Germany.

Qualified Nurses needed in Germany!

Jonathan Lau, Director of German Educare said, “Germany is facing a massive lack of healthcare personnel, especially nurses. This means that many hospitals in Germany are overburdened and are struggling to properly tend to the increasing number of patients.”

“In this current climate, a rough estimate of 1 million people work in Germany’s nursing industry. Given the amount of Germany’s ageing population, it is projected that there will be about 3 million nurses needed by 2060 and this figure is expected to rise in the coming years.”

“Just last year on the 1st of March, Germany implemented a new law that relaxes the visa requirements for nurses and other jobs in high demand in Germany. Under this new law, qualified foreign workers who can fluently converse in German can get a 6-month visa to have the opportunity to look for a job.

 “With that said, any foreign worker that successfully cleared a B1 level German language test and is up to the German standards will have the chance to get a German work visa,” he said.

German Educare makes it easier for Malaysian Diploma and Degree nursing graduates to work in Germany. They help nurses be fluent in German, understand the intercultural differences and most importantly, match nurses with healthcare institutions in Germany.

Qualified Nurses needed in Germany!

The Nursing Preparation Programme spans from 10 to 12 months and it includes 20-hour weekly German language classes, visa application guidance, pre-departure preparation and most importantly on-ground local support in Germany. Upon completing the programme, nurses will be attached to a host hospital for at least three years and they will have the option to extend their tenure or work at a different hospital or care service provider in Germany.

Germany has a high standard of healthcare which makes nurses there highly employable around the world.

Students who have already completed their Diploma or Degree in Nursing can explore the Nursing Preparation Programme pathway and get a one-on-one consultation session with student advisors at German Educare. No working experience is required to enrol in this programme. Students can book a free consultation and find out more about the upcoming July 2021 intake for the Nursing Preparation Programme. Visit www.germaneducare.com to learn more about how to get started and the benefits of enrolling in this programme.