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Pinterest Office Tour, A Gorgeous Artsy Workplace That Can Inspire You

Pinterest Office Tour, A Gorgeous Artsy Workplace That Can Inspire You

Whoever done a Pinterest office tour will find out that this company has a gorgeous workplace in San Francisco. This photo-based social network is well-known for its selection of inspiring photos and pictures from the users. This social network makes a great site to find any ideas.

Pinterest’s office is full of creativity. There are a bunch of unique things that you can find at each corner of the office. Interestingly, the office also does best to accommodate the employees’ passions and hobbies. Also, it often hosts a “studio night” to let staffs share their non-work skills.

According to Malorie Lucich, one of the employees at Pinterest, there are a lot of staffs that have secret hobbies and passions such as lock-picking, martial arts, bike fixing, Vespa riding, jam jarring, and many others. Take a Pinterest office tour and you will know how these passions emerge in the workspace.

About Pinterest Gorgeous Office

The Pinterest office is located in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood where Postmates and Airbnb are there as well. This workplace can accommodate more than 300 employees and has a great atmosphere to make it feel like home. This good space was designed by Anna Neimark, Janette Kim, and Andrew Atwood.

The new Pinterest headquarters is inspired by the revamp of the company’s web platform: simple, intuitive, and clean. The building is a four-level concrete structure which previously housed a John Deer Factory in SOMA central district. Then, what will be found during a Pinterest office tour?

The main design is created as porous, concentric layers surrounding a big, central interconnecting atrium and staircase. It also includes a spacious “town hall” on the ground floor, open workspace on the upper three floors, and some other spaces including formal and informal meeting rooms, coffee bar, design studio, lounge spaces, and team rooms.

A key factor of the design engaged expanding the existing two-level atrium to the ground floor, making a central space which visually connects all the floors. The staircase performs the central organizing figure of the building. Overall, it emerges as a gorgeous urban campus for Pinterest.

Pinterest Office Designs and Decoration

Then, what makes Pinterest office designs unique and different from the rest? When you take a Pinterest office tour, you will know that the design of this headquarters reflects the brand principles of the growing company and the cultures behind its platform as an artistic space.

Pinterest headquarters space is designed to avoid the excessively playful discovered in lots of tech workspaces nowadays. It displays careful detail and form to promote fortuitous interaction among the employees. And here are some notable designs and decorations you can find at Pinterest headquarters in San Francisco.

  • Knitting Stair

When you explore the ground floor of Pinterest headquarters, there will be a knitting stair within a newly enlarged atrium void. This knitting stair is surrounded by IT Longue and server space. This stair shapes the heart of Pinterest headquarters space, stranding together various views and paths.

  • Dia-grid Plywood Waffle Ceiling

Entering the reception space as you do a Pinterest office tour, there will be an exceptional plywood ceiling which makes it more interesting. This ceiling is visible from Brannan Street through the glass façade. This unique ceiling is also employed at the café and lounge adjacent.

  • Bench Platform

Within the fresh enlarged atrium void, you will find a bench platform under the knitting stair. It makes a nice spot to meet your colleagues or simply take a quick rest before continuing the work. Overlook opening at stair lets communication or connection between levels.

Pinterest Office Facilities and Amenities

Pinterest headquarters is full of industrial charm. From the meeting area to the more private room, the building bursts an industrial style that makes it feel homey and inviting. If you have a Pinterest office tour, you can find a lot of interesting facilities that make the workspace even better.

  • Games and Craft Room

When you are visiting the Pinterest office, you can see games and craft room on the right side of the lobby. This room is completed with a foosball table, wide television, and several chairs. You can even find a sewing machine and some other craft tools displayed on an open shelf.

This room is often used to hold club meetings. For example, there is an article club where staffs meet to share and talk about the most excellent things they read that week. As you take a Pinterest office tour, you will notice all kinds of adorable details and things there.

  • Casual Meeting Area

The Pinterest office also has a casual meeting area which is decorating uniquely. There is a cool SF-themed sculpture that hides the meeting space. Inside, you can see a comfortable couch and a bunch of framed press mentions. There’s also an open shelf which employees use to store objects they collect.

  • Main Office Space

Well, we shouldn’t miss the main office area where employees eat and do their job away from the desk. This space is decorated with a few whimsical hot air balloons and bright lights. If you visit for a Pinterest office tour during lunchtime, you can see the employees are served with catered lunch.

What Employees Say about Pinterest Offices

Many other things are worth noting at Pinterest offices. But, what the employees say about their offices? A Software Engineer in this company, Tracy Chou told that the employees have lots of fun after working together. For instance, they sometimes hold an open mic night.

Another employee, Tara Syed Williams, said that the open common space is her favorite design element. This space is like a center of collaboration and it is beautifully architected. There are many other things you can find here like a telephone booth in the bar and a “Push It” board.

In conclusion, Pinterest headquarters and offices are among the best examples for comfortable and fun workspace in the world. The building is designed carefully to encourage better productivity and collaboration. It also accommodates the employee’s passion and hobbies. Finally, hope you love this Pinterest office tour.