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Owner of PURTIER Placenta, RIWAY announces charitable donation to South East Asia in the face of pandemic

Owner of PURTIER Placenta, RIWAY announces charitable donation to South East Asia in the face of pandemic

Singapore, 14 March 2022- The RIWAY Foundation is glad to announce that it is once again helping society. As the COVID-19 pandemic in South East Asia worsens, they have partnered with the Myittar Pyokhinn Foundation to provide daily essentials, medical supplies, and oxygen generators worth USD500k for families in need. They sincerely hope that with this small amount of assistance, they will be able to give their strength and provide hope to the people of South East Asia.

Since July 2008, RIWAY International has been on a mission to help more people live better lives by creating an incredible brand that acts as a platform for everyone to realize their dreams and ambitions. RIWAY provides a well-established and relevant platform for individuals to achieve true freedom, as well as developing a culture of righteousness and virtues through its 6 Goals.

RIWAY focuses on six goals that make up the RIWAY concept of life’s true essence. Financial Goal: To provide a platform to achieve financial freedom and master the abilities to meet market demands. Health Goal: To have a healthy body to achieve a better quality of life, and the ability to realise our dream. Social Goal: To expand the social circle and exert a positive influence on everyone in the circle. Family Goal: To help more families seek the concept of happiness in creating a warm and loving family. Mental Goal: To provide the right thoughts, and constantly enrich ourselves to raise our thinking to a higher level. Spiritual Goal: To implement the spirit of Integrity, Righteousness and Positivity to achieve spiritual wealth and become a trustworthy person.

Their concept and practice are vital to the RIWAY Foundation as well as the brand and platform. The approach highlights the need of always seeking to share what you’ve learnt, because having a positive attitude will enable you to contribute more to society, raising the standard of living for more families and building a balanced society. The foundation has provided much-needed aid to people across the world through its charity. For more information, please visit https://purtier.com/