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OVO’s Commitment to Serve Users is Recognized on an International

OVO's Commitment to Serve Users is Recognized on an International

OVO, as the leading digital payment, rewards and financial service platform in Indonesia, won a gold medal in the Best Improvement Award-External Consulting/Training Service (Inhouse) category at the 16th Annual Global Contact Center World Awards-APAC Region 2021 .

Previously, OVO had won gold medals also at the end of 2020 for the APAC region, and at the world level in early 2021.

The event was organized by ContactCenterWorld, a global association that appreciates contact center and customer engagement best practices with more than 200,000 members worldwide.

Through the gold medal he won, OVO has the right to represent the Asia Pacific region to advance to the global final event. In addition, OVO also won 3 silver medals (silver medal award), 2 bronze medals (bronze medal award), and became runner-up for two other categories.

OVO's Commitment to Serve Users is Recognized on an International

OVO VP of Customer Experience Novie Marlika said that his party was grateful for the achievements and various awards that OVO received from ContactCenterWorld.

This is certainly possible because of the hard work of the team and the trust of users in making OVO the financial service platform of choice.

“This medal that we have obtained proves that the quality of service and innovation of OVO itself has been able to match, even compete, at the international level,” said Novie Marlika, through a press release, Monday (20/9).

According to Novie, OVO was able to win these awards for its ability to improve various aspects, such as technology, internal processes, and the performance of its own team, all of which are focused on service for users.

During the pandemic, many challenges arise, both technical and due to the soaring number of users caused by digitization.

Become the Most Popular Payment Platform

OVO is the most popular and widely known digital payment platform in Indonesia. OVO was chosen by many respondents because it provides convenience in using the application, guarantees security and confidentiality, and is often recommended by many people.

The survey results of the Behavioral Study of the Use of Digital Payments and Financial Services in Indonesia released by Kadence International Indonesia revealed that, in terms of brand awareness, OVO managed to hit the hearts of 96% of respondents. About 71% of them were active users for at least the last month.

OVO's Commitment to Serve Users is Recognized on an International

This survey, which examines the behavior patterns of active users of digital payments, revealed that as a digital payment platform, rewards, and financial services, OVO is the most used brand, at 31%, and is widely used for transaction purposes, both online and offline.

“The widespread use of digital wallets in Indonesia is a reflection that digital transformation to encourage financial inclusion and national economic recovery, which is the goal of the Indonesian government, is becoming increasingly real,” said OVO’s Head of Corporate Communications, Harumi Supit in Jakarta, Tuesday (7/9).

Indonesian people, according to Harumi, are getting used to digital and non-cash transactions. This transformation of behavior is largely triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, which requires people to transact safely and comfortably for various daily needs.

Designed to Meet User Needs

Since its inception in Indonesia, he said, OVO was designed to meet the diverse and growing needs of the Indonesian people.

Ease of transactions, a broad ecosystem of use, and continuous innovation are very important things for OVO to always be able to meet user needs.

OVO's Commitment to Serve Users is Recognized on an International

“Therefore, we are very grateful for the support of loyal users who until now have relied a lot on OVO for various digital financial needs,” he said.

Harumi Supit said that OVO’s efforts to meet customer needs from various aspects are in line with the findings of the Kadence International Indonesia survey which confirmed that the company was chosen by many respondents because of the easy app use, guarantee of security and confidentiality, and often recommended by many people.

“The benefits obtained when respondents transact using OVO also make OVO superior in terms of repetition of use by users,” he asserted.