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Mamikos and SiCepat are able to Face Challenges during Pandemic

Mamikos and SiCepat are able to Face Challenges during Pandemic

Since its founding in 2015, the Mamikos startup has helped bring together around 6 million boarding house seekers every month with 150 thousand boarding house owners spread across 300 cities throughout Indonesia. 

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has provided business challenges for many companies/organizations, including startups. 

As experienced by one of the homeland startups that provides boarding house search services, namely Mamikos for example. 

Mamikos and SiCepat are able to Face Challenges during Pandemic

AWS Helps Maintain Boarding Occupancy Rates 

During the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Media Briefing held on Tuesday (7/9/21), Maria Regina Anggit, Founder and CEO of Mamikos revealed that at the beginning of the pandemic, almost all boarding houses on the platform experienced a simultaneous decrease in occupancy rates. 

However, by looking at tenant data using AWS analytical technology, it is revealed that there is actually a fairly large market share that can be served. 

“Although of course, they have different characters, segments, trends, and times. The awareness to seize this opportunity is a moment of increasing literacy for the boarding house owners of Mamikos partners towards digitalization,” explained Anggit. 

One partner who owns a boarding house in Yogyakarta, for example, was able to return the occupancy rate from only 20 percent to 100 percent in just one month. 

Mamikos and SiCepat are able to Face Challenges during Pandemic

In fact, the data found by Mamikos shows an oversupply for women’s boarding houses, while male boarding houses experience a shortage of supply. With the help of Mamikos, boarding house partners can transform and maintain their business. 

In addition, by leveraging AWS analytics technology, including the Amazon Redshift cloud-based data warehouse, Mamikos was able to maintain the average occupancy rate for boarding partners at 70 to 75 percent during the pandemic. 

In addition to analytics, Mamikos uses an AWS content delivery network (CDN) solution called Amazon CloudFront to ensure that its services can be accessed quickly, easily, and reliably every time. 

Mamikos is also interested in exploring data analytics in much richer and detailed categories, such as the influence of local government policies and vaccinations on boarding house trends, as well as machine learning technology to more optimally and efficiently bring together seekers and boarding house owners. 

“In terms of costs, Mamikos is able to save up to 30 percent of costs with the Savings Plans payment scheme,” said Anggit. 

SiCepat is also Helped by the AWS System 

In the same event, Reynaldi Oeoen, Chief Technology Officer of SiCepat also shared how AWS solutions helped SiCepat in supporting its business in the midst of a pandemic. 

Reynaldi said that SiCepat and the logistics industry in general were one of the industries that had benefited during the pandemic. 

SiCepat itself was able to achieve its annual target within the first three months. The total volume of shipments per month has also doubled compared to the beginning of the year. 

Mamikos and SiCepat are able to Face Challenges during Pandemic

However, the logistics business is not without its own challenges, especially in the months when e-commerce platforms hold massive promotions. 

“Working quickly while adhering to health protocols, finding ways for packages to be delivered despite road closures during the PPKM policy, and facing a significant surge in demand are some of the challenges facing SiCepat,” Reynaldi said. 

According to Reynaldi, in the logistics industry, two things that are the main demands of customers are speed and low prices. 

The technology infrastructure used by SiCepat also focuses on maintaining these two characteristics so that customers remain satisfied. 

Sicepat uses Amazon Redshift as well as other AWS analytics services such as AWS Glue and Amazon Athena to monitor their performance data in real-time. 

With the help of AWS technology, SiCepat is able to process up to 50-60 million data points every day to improve services, customer satisfaction for the MSMEs it serves, and make business decisions such as opening new branches. 

For information, SiCepat is a logistics service provider startup that was founded in 2012. Until now, SiCepat has 6,600 branches throughout Indonesia and is supported by 50 thousand fleets to serve around 6 million customers, with a total delivery volume of 40 million per month.