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Kaesang Invites Goorita to Export Sang Pisang to 10 Countries

Kaesang Invites Goorita to Export Sang Pisang to 10 Countries

The youngest son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Kaesang Pangarep hooked the Goorita platform to export Sang Pisang products to 10 countries. The segment being targeted is the Indonesian diaspora.

The countries targeted are the United States (US), Canada, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and China.

“This is a synergy between Goorita and UMKM, as well as the diaspora. So support each other,” said Kaesang during the live broadcast of “The Global Banana”, Tuesday (27/4).

Kaesang Invites Goorita to Export Sang Pisang to 10 Countries

Sang Pisang CEO Ansari Kadir added that the collaboration with Goorita will present a new ecosystem. “So, the door is through Goorita. Delivery can be on time and there are no complaints,” he said.

Through this collaboration, the Indonesian diaspora can buy culinary products made from bananas on the Goorita platform. Striving for the same product prices as in Indonesia. However, with a minimum purchase of 15 kilograms.

“That’s so that the shipping cost is maximal,” said CEO Goorita Yuwono Wicaksono. He is targeting 10 thousand Indonesian diasporas through this collaboration.

Startup Goorita Has 3 Services to Help MSMEs

Goorita is a one-stop solution platform for MSMEs wishing to expand overseas. There are three services provided, namely marketplace, fulfillment and logistics.

For marketplace services, Goorita is connected to several global e-commerce sites such as Amazon to eBay. In fulfillment services, companies help MSMEs from storing products in warehouses, managing stock items to processing packaging orders for shipping.

Then, there is also logistics services. Goorita collaborates with global to domestic logistics companies in providing freight forwarding services.

“Through this service, foreign diasporas can buy products from Indonesian MSMEs,” said Yuwono. Meanwhile, Sang Pisang is a culinary company under GK Hebat.

Kaesang Invites Goorita to Export Sang Pisang to 10 Countries

This UMKM accelerator also oversees several brands such as Livestock, Markobar, Chicken Yang, and Siap Mas !. GK Hebat was founded by Kaesang and Ansari. GK Hebat bridges the capital needs of MSMEs, one of which is by buying shares to be exchanged for business capital.

In addition, providing MSME vocational or vocational training through the Enigma Bootcamp business unit. GK Hebat also has operational, marketing, and financial teams that accompany MSMEs in running their businesses.

That way, business actors can seek funding from other investors when the business grows. Kaesang once conveyed that it was not impossible that developing MSMEs could obtain funding through the listing of initial shares, aka IPO.

GK Hebat is also in discussion with the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) regarding this matter. Moreover, the IDX does provide opportunities for SMEs and startups with limited assets to enter the capital market.

However, the recording process for SMEs is different from shares of large companies, namely through a specially coded acceleration board.

Goorita Supports Government Efforts to Advance MSMEs

As one of the important sectors to support the country’s economy, MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) are of course a priority sector that needs to be developed.

In line with the government program and President Jokowi’s direction regarding the development of MSMEs, Goorita provides solutions that can make it easier for MSMEs to penetrate the international market by utilizing digital technology.

Kaesang Invites Goorita to Export Sang Pisang to 10 Countries

“We are bridging the problems that are often faced by MSMEs in exporting local products to foreign countries, including the marketing process to shipping goods abroad,” said Yuwono Wicaksono, founder of Goorita in his statement, Friday (5/3/2021).

Regarding the background, Yuwono said that he saw Indonesian products as having opportunities and potential markets in the global market, particularly America and Europe.

In addition, the lack of understanding of exports is an obstacle for most MSME players in the country to market their products to the global market.

He said Goorita was here to help MSMEs in the country, from marketing to product delivery to destination through three services, namely marketplace, fulfillment and logistics.