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Job2Go Targeting 200 Thousand Users after Receiving Funding

Job2Go Targeting 200 Thousand Users after Receiving Funding

A job search platform startup provider, Job2Go received funding last month. The company also targets to attract 200 thousand users by the end of this year. Job2Go founder and CEO Kurniawan Santoso is optimistic that the target can be achieved. Moreover, many residents experienced termination due to corona pandemic.

Gig-economy has become a new business model in Indonesia along with the presence of industry 4.0 which emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness with the support of technology. The term gig-economy is still relatively new for the people of Indonesia. This refers to an ecosystem where a person does a short-term or on-demand job.

Job2Go Targeting 200 Thousand Users after Receiving Funding

The development of mobile technology has encouraged the emergence of consumer behavior that wants goods or services that are instant and customized. Starting from the culinary sector, e-commerce, transportation, and so on, consumers want to be served at that moment.

“We also want to facilitate the availability of 100 thousand new jobs for users,” Kurniawan told Katadata.co.id, Wednesday (1/7). Mainly, he wanted to attract blue-gray collar workers or workers, and fresh graduates (fresh graduates).

The startup company in the field of human resources technology (HR-tech) has been attracting 30 thousand users until yesterday (1/7). Interestingly, 18 thousand of them were obtained in the six months since early 2020, or during the coronavirus pandemic.

The startup, which was established in early 2019, also plans to use the additional capital to develop new products. One of them launched Job2Go Academy which presented several materials related to work skills.

Focus on Providing Added Value for Users

Job2Go Academy focuses on providing added value to users, so they can learn new knowledge and skills. As is known, the government is also intensifying the pre-employment card program to improve community expertise.

The company plans to provide additional services related to finance. The products include a digital wallet (e-wallet), loans, investment, and financial management. Only, Kurniawan did not specify the progress of the development of new products.

Job2Go Targeting 200 Thousand Users after Receiving Funding

He also did not explain whether the company will work with other corporations to launch new services. He only explained that Job2Go would work with large companies and SMEs in providing jobs.

This startup also plans to hold a grand event ‘Virtual Job Fair’ in August, which focuses on attracting university graduates. Job2Go received additional capital from the angel investor network The Business Angel Network of Southeast Asia (BANSEA), headquartered in Singapore. However, Kurniawan was reluctant to mention the value of funding received.

What You Need to Know about Job2go and BANSEA

Job2Go is a platform providing information on on-demand job vacancies and other work info available around the user’s location. The service provided by startup PT Sinergi Performa Citra wants to overcome problems in the era of gig-economy.

Gig-economy itself is the current trend of workers who prefer to work with flexible working hours and locations, do not want to be bound by time, and can try various new professions.

Job2Go Targeting 200 Thousand Users after Receiving Funding

Since its launch in beta in December 2019, the Jakarta-based startup has grown rapidly and already has users from all over Indonesia. Job2Go has also helped hundreds of companies, including technology, logistics, financial, and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

The internet makes it easy to solve various problems, one of which is the job search. On the other hand, job seekers are still having trouble finding work due to a lack of work skills (low skills). BANSEA has supported thousands of entrepreneurs in the region through a network of investors from individuals and owned companies.

“BANSEA is here to continuously connect startups like Job2Go with Angel Investors. This investment is one of the ways BANSEA supports the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia, and we look forward to continuing to play our role in the startup ecosystem,” James Tan, Chairman of BANSEA explained.