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Internspoon collaborates with MDEC between students and SMEs

Internspoon collaborates with MDEC in bridging the gap between students and SMEs in Malaysia

The degree you obtain during your time in university is supposed to equip you with all the skills and perspectives you need to survive and ultimately, excel, in the working world. However, it has become abundantly clear that there exists a gap between the expectations of the employment sector and the understanding of the industry held by universities. Thus introducing internships – an avenue which gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have while gaining real world working experience.

Many Malaysian universities have recognized the gateway of opportunities internships and have adopted this avenue as mandatory. While this gateway opens up countless doors for some students, this avenue presents itself as a missed opportunity for some students. The process of applying for an internship is scary as much as it is exciting; it is a student’s first step into a world they are yet to be ready for. So while some, equipped with their dazzling and full resumes, go on to receive multiple internship offers, some struggle to obtain even one. But everyone deserves a chance to learn and better themselves.

Internspoon collaborates with MDEC between students and SMEs

Internspoon seeks to tackle the anxieties and fear found in this taken-for-granted process as well as to give a chance to a forgotten and dismissed sector of the future working force. Internspoon, co-founded by Chew Yinxie and Stephen Lim, is an EduTech startup that seeks to connect young talents to a variety of invigorating SMEs.

With data at the core of the company, Internspoon matches aspiring individuals and accomplished companies in a way which catalyzes growth and development. Though many students flock to big corporations and companies, very few leave with experiences which elevate their understanding of the industry. Instead, many interns are viewed as a cheaper form of labour, tasked with menial and run of the mill tasks. At Internspoon, talents are matched with SMEs and positions which elevate their course of study and leverage on their strengths, all while catering to the interests of the students in maximizing their industrial exposure and developing their experience as well.

While there have been numerous job platforms that cater to internships as an option, there were none that served as a solution, as many treat internships as a job listing – undifferentiated from other full-time listings. Being the online platform to focus on internships alone and differentiated for their competitive edge, Internspoon has revealed an untapped market hidden in the budding working force. Seeking to bridge gaps between the industry and young talents, Internspoon has come to transform seemingly miniscule issues in the lives of everyone involved, such as the threat of graduation delays, diverging HR tasks, the lack of SME presence, unmatched internship candidates, expensive effort in hiring interns, and many more.

Internspoon collaborates with MDEC between students and SMEs

“Internship empowerment is one of the key success factors for the next generation. Industrial experiences thru an effective internship program able to make relevant to the students in their final year of education and prepare them in a real workplace & culture,” said Stephen, the Co-founder of Internspoon

As a winner of Malaysia’s first Digital Accelerator 2020 from 1337 Ventures, Internspoon has been recognized for the bridge it has built, connecting young talent and HR. Internspoon appreciates all the nurture and guidance from Bikesh Lakmichand, CEO of 1337 Ventures, Internspoon learnt to go beyond limitations and focused on delivering value delivering to the market. Through the Digital Accelerator demo day, Internspoon gained collaboration exposure with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to help companies in internship matching and to create more internship opportunities for students. Internspoon ultimately hopes to push for the growth of potential and opportunities – to assure students that they are not alone in this intimidating process, to act as a bridge for SMEs and aid in the growth of a successful nation. Internspoon currently engaged with 28 universities /colleges and has reached out to 10,000 students accumulated.