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Indonesia Becomes the Big Five Startup Creator of the World

Indonesia Becomes the Big Five Startup Creator of the World

The rapid development of startup companies in Indonesia according to the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, has gained worldwide recognition. The company’s industry in this country continues to grow, even some of which have been converted into unicorns, a company that has a capitalization of more than USD 1 billion.

The decade-long proliferation of technology company businesses that are closely related to innovation and technology seems to be a new weapon that drives a country’s economy. Furthermore, Sri Mulyani explained that Indonesian technology companies are ranked fifth in the world. This is because of the progress of Indonesian technology companies lately.

Indonesia Becomes the Big Five Startup Creator of the World
Menteri Keuangan Sri Mulyani memberikan keterangan pers mengenai Pembayaran Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR) 2019 di Kementerian Keuangan, Jakarta, Jumat (24/5/2019). Menteri Keuangan menyatakan telah mencairkan THR sebesar Rp19 triliun atau 19 persen dari proyeksi kebutuhan dana (Rp20 triliun) yang digunakan untuk membayar THR bagi PNS, Prajurit TNI dan Polri sebesar Rp11,4 triliun dan penerima pensiun atau tunjangan sebesar Rp7,6 triliun. ANTARA FOTO/M Risyal Hidayat/foc.

“Indonesia can create a digital economy. The presence of technology-based companies such as Grab, Traveloka, and Bukalapak in the millennial era makes Indonesia the largest country with more than 2,000 companies. Which is among the top five in the world,” Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said in Jakarta.

He continued that using technology has a very good impact on the economy. This is because the digital economy through the use of technology at the same time can create new jobs and expand access. “This gives access that previously did not have access,” he added.

Technology-Based Companies that Grow in Indonesia

Lots of technology-based companies that grow in the country of Indonesia. Some Indonesian technology companies that are well known to many Indonesians are:

1. GoJek

Gojek was launched by providing transportation services such as motorcycle taxis in general, people can install the application and then use it. Not only transportation services but also provide other services.

2. Tokopedia

This application is very popular with the public, especially young people because in this application people can easily shop without having to come directly to the supermarket.

Indonesia Becomes the Big Five Startup Creator of the World

3. Traveloka

With this traveloka company for people who will travel both Indonesia and abroad can book transportation tickets and hotel accommodations easily.

4. Akulaku

This company is based in the financial sector, with a company like this prospective business founders can easily apply for a loan without having to come to the bank and do verification manually.

From technology-based companies that exist and grow in Indonesia, the community is facilitated in their daily activities. They can use the services offered when installing applications issued by the company. Thus the development of the age of eating is also increasingly developing technology in Indonesia.

At least 396 companies will contribute to the exhibition event. This event is scheduled to be held at the Jakarta Expo Center (JCC) on 4-6 October 2019. Other departments are now constantly focusing on supporting companies to encourage economic growth as well.

In addition to the current technology companies that have become unicorns, several others are expected to join the existing unicorns. There are at least 9 technology companies in Indonesia, including OVO and Akulaku that can become the next unicorn in the country.

Indonesia Becomes the Big Five Startup Creator of the World

Indonesian Technology-Based Companies Helping Communities Generate Fixed Income

Many companies not only provide access to sales but help the community to generate a steady income. Then, as an effort to encourage the progress of the company, Mulyani said that the government would improve regulations related to infrastructure for the development of Unicorn in Indonesia.

This is because Indonesian technology companies have high creativity and are a testament to the innovation of Indonesian young people. Sri Mulyani explained that maintaining to improve the corporate ecosystem in Indonesia, including taxation is very importany so that in the future Indonesian Unicorn will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, company growth in Indonesia is not only monitored by the Ministry of Finance. With the development of companies in Indonesia at present, other ministries also pay attention to the development of startup in Indonesia.