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High Salary in Indonesian Unicorn

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Have a high-paying job? Who doesn’t want to? When it comes time to work later, everyone would hope so.
However, the question is, what companies offer high-paying jobs? No need to think too far, in Indonesia some companies dare to provide large salaries for their employees.

With its status as a unicorn, the companies that used to be known as startups are apparently not playing around giving salaries to their employees. The double-digit salary you can get by doing certain jobs.

It looks like they aren’t serious about working because of the relaxed appearance of the employees. However, the work ethic and pay standards are still better than corporations in Indonesia.

Well, you can easily get the salary information at Glassdoor. Just to note, Glassdoor is a company that provides salary information, interviews, and job vacancies in many companies in the world.

The average information revealed is complete. So, it can be relied upon as a reference.

So that it is not complicated looking for information, Moneysmart has collected information on high-paying jobs at unicorns in Indonesia sourced from Glassdoor:

Gojek Indonesia Startup Unicorn
Gojek Indonesia Startup Unicorn


With a valuation of over US $ 1 billion, Go-Jek is a startup that has become the number one unicorn in Indonesia.
The latest news states, the valuation value of this online transportation service provider has risen to US $ 10 billion, aka Rp 141 trillion.

It’s not surprising that Go-Jek’s score can be that big. There are quite a lot of investors behind this unicorn. Starting from Google, Tencent, JD.com, Astra, and Djarum provided substantial funding.

Seeing the amount of investment that is embedded in Go-Jek, it is not surprising that this company dares to give a large salary. In Go-Jek the Software Engineer position becomes a high-paying job that amounts to Rp. 14 million – Rp. 15 million.

Tokopedia Indonesia Startup Unicorn
Tokopedia Indonesia Startup Unicorn


For those of you who shop frequently online, of course, you are already familiar with Tokopedia.
As a company that was initially pioneered and then transformed into an e-commerce giant, Tokopedia was reported to have last been worth US $ 7 billion or Rp 98 trillion.

That is the reason why the unicorn title deserves to be pinned on this company. Tokopedia is known to get many large funds injections from many investors. Starting from SoftBank, Alibaba Group, Beenos Partner, CyberAgent, to East Ventures.

At Tokopedia, the Software Engineer position is one of the most highly paid jobs. The salary amounts to Rp 10 million. Then there is the position of Product Manager whose salary amounts to Rp 11 million – Rp 12 million.

Traveloka Indonesia Startup Unicorn
Traveloka Indonesia Startup Unicorn


The next Indonesian company offering high-paying jobs is Traveloka. With a valuation value of US $ 4.1 billion or equivalent to Rp 57 trillion, the company is labeled as a unicorn.

Not surprisingly, Traveloka can be as big as it is today. Moreover, the plan of the airline and hotel ticket booking service provider wants to expand to enlarge its business.

Investigate a calibration, many large investors are behind the achievement of Traveloka to become a unicorn. Starting from Expedia, Sequoia, East Venture, JD.com, Hillhouse Capital, Global Founders, to East Ventures.

Then how much salary does Traveloka offer? You can get a salary of Rp. 15 million if you work as a Software Engineer. Another high-paying job is an Analyst whose salary is from Rp. 9 million – Rp. 10 million.

Bukalapak Indonesia Startup Unicorn
Bukalapak Indonesia Startup Unicorn


Aside from Tokopedia, another domestic e-commerce that gets the title of the unicorn is Bukalapak. This company value has reached more than US $ 1 billion or equivalent to Rp. 14 trillion.

Regarding investors, it is not yet known exactly where Bukalapak’s funding came from. Reportedly, Emtek Group became the main investor in e-commerce.

Even so, no one thought that Bukalapak would be able to provide a double-digit salary. Software Engineer in this company is touted as a high-paying job that pockets around Rp 16 million per month.

Seeing the salary offered, Software Engineer is a very promising position if you want to receive a large salary. That means if you study in the computer field, your chances are big enough to get a high-paying job.