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GoMassage Service Is Stopped, Partners Get Compensation from Gojek

GoMassage Service Is Stopped, Partners Get Compensation from Gojek

Gojek temporarily stopped the GoMassage service on the GoLife platform in anticipation of coronavirus transmission. Therefore, this decacorn provides compensation to partners. The policy was taken because the GoMassage service requires direct physical contact.

On the one hand, people are asked to keep their distance from each other (physical distancing) in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Because of this, the GoMassage service has been suspended.

GoMassage Service Is Stopped, Partners Get Compensation from Gojek

“Temporary service terminations take place simultaneously in all major areas of GoLife services starting March 26, 2020,” said VP Corporate Affairs Gojek Judica Nababan, Friday (27/3). In addition to compensation, GoMassage partners who are infected with the coronavirus will receive compensation funds according to the terms and conditions in force.

GoLife will continue to monitor the development of covid-19 and evaluate the temporary suspension of GoMassage services, based on government policy. “We have been communicating to partners to keep activating the GoLife application to get the latest information,” he said.

GoClean and GoLife Services Remain Available on Gojek Application

Nevertheless, the GoClean service on GoLife is still available. Only, there are some security and safety protocols that must be considered and implemented by partners. The protocol includes limiting the booking distance with a maximum radius of three kilometers.

Implement daily health checks to ensure GoClean partners are in a healthy condition that is not having breathing-problems, sore throats, coughs, and colds, as well as normal body temperature.

Equipping partners with personal protective equipment include masks, gloves, hand sanitizers or soap and disinfectant liquids. Require partners to wash their hands and sterilize cleaning equipment before and after providing services.

GoMassage Service Is Stopped, Partners Get Compensation from Gojek

Includes spraying disinfectant liquid in every cleaning service for residences or vehicles. Then, keep a minimum interaction distance from consumers with one meter during the service process.

The company also asks customers to fill in terms and conditions for confirmation of health conditions. Among them, there is no history of overseas travel in the past 14 days and is not related to Monitoring In Persons (ODP) or Patients Under Monitoring (PDP) Covid-19.

Partners will ask questions before starting the service. GoLife partners have the right to cancel orders unilaterally if the customer has an indication of being ill. Customers also need to fill in the Covid-19 Alert Form about the completeness of GoClean’s partner standard operating procedures (SOP) after the service is complete.

Driver-Partners Also Received Donations from Gojek Higher-Ups

Gojek’s co-CEO and senior management contributed 25% of a year’s salary to partner funds. The fund will be managed by a newly formed foundation, the Kid Nation Can Foundation . The foundation will work with various stakeholders such as the government, the social community and the group of driver-partners to determine how funds will be distributed.

The main priority is to support the financial stability of the driver’s partners and others in the midst of a pandemic. “Our problem (due to the corona pandemic) is nothing compared to what our driver, merchant and service provider partners are facing,” Gojek Co-CEO Andre Soelistyo and Kevin Aluwi said in a press release on Tuesday (3/24).

GoMassage Service Is Stopped, Partners Get Compensation from Gojek

Funding will come from three sources. First, Gojek’s Co-CEO and senior management donated 25% of salary over the next year. Second, the annual salary increase budget for all employees will be diverted to this aid fund.

Finally, the process will be formed so that other parties can also make donations, especially the company’s partners. “We carry out various initiatives ranging from launching various educational programs and new procedures to ensure the health and safety of partners,” said Andre and Kevin.

Both of them hoped that the fund would support the drivers and other financial partners amid the corona pandemic. “What is clear is that every company has a responsibility to provide as much support as possible and this is something we can do,” he said.