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German Educare to launch Oh My German! Program in September


German Educare, Malaysia’s trusted education service provider which helps students to further their studies in Germany will be launching a new initiative, Oh My German! Program (OMG!) with the intention of raising secondary school students’ interest and awareness in all things German, including learning the language, culture, and tertiary study opportunities in Germany. 

German Educare to launch Oh My German! Program in September

The OMG! Program will be launched as early as September 2021 is facilitated by the German Educare team and is currently looking to partner with 10 schools in Kuala Lumpur to participate in this pilot project. 

The program includes free online German classes, free consultation and assistance by student advisors in choosing the most appropriate academic and professional future career paths and best of all, a 3-day year-end holiday camp to immerse students in learning more about German lifestyle and culture through fun workshops, games, and presentations.

Director of German Educare, Jonathan Lau said, “We are very excited to launch the OMG! Program this year. Students who enrol in this program will have the opportunity to be exposed to a new language and even explore the possibility of studying in Germany.

“Students from Year 7 and above will be able to enjoy free online German language classes from the comfort of their own home that is clearly structured but also enjoyable. All lessons are also carefully planned out by experienced teachers to offer an enjoyable and stimulating environment for young learners.

Early preparation like this allows young students to pick up the language with ease and encourages them to enjoy the learning process at their own pace. Students will have the option to take the Goethe A1 for young learners examination at the end of the program to demonstrate their fundamental language skills. 

“Germany is considered as one of Malaysia’s important trade partners and there are also many German companies based in Malaysia. Students who are proficient in the language and have German academic qualifications have an advantage and will stand out to these companies,” he said. 
If you are a school in Malaysia interested in participating in the OMG! program and would like more information about how to collaborate with German Educare or have concerns about participation, pricing, and other details, please send an email to jon@germaneducare.com.