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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore Kicks Off All-New, Refreshed Inno-Vision Forum


The inaugural FUJIFILM Inno-Vision Forum showcased a diverse line-up of highly prolific industry leaders who shared best practices and success stories of business automation in the new Digital First World.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 11 November 2021 –FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore, world’s leading provider of document services and printing technologies using pioneering smart devices, today concluded its all-new annual flagship event, FUJIFILM Inno-Vision Forum 2021.

As global economies gradually reopen, the FUJIFILM Inno-Vision Forum 2021, reviewed the best innovations that have helped organisations emerge stronger from the pandemic-induced recession, the power of a solid underlying digital infrastructure and the impact of its associated data, as businesses collectively continue to progress towards a post-pandemic world.

“In April this year, we changed our brand name to FUJIFILM Business Innovation, with the core purpose of bringing business innovations to our customers in a growing complex and digital world. Many organisations are looking into new ideas, better ways of working, and innovative solutions that will help grow their customer base and improve their productivity and profitability,” said Mr Koh Ching Hong, Chief Executive Officer, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore. “Our goal for the FUJIFILM Inno-vision Forum is to spark rich conversations on the different aspects of innovation, digital transformation, and the trends ahead, so that business leaders can build a future-ready organisation that will withstand the test of time.”

The 2-day virtual conference was opened by Mr Koh Ching Hong. The first Inno-Vision Forum explored two themes together with industry leaders from the information technology, resource-based manufacturing, and telecommunications sectors.

Propelling Enterprise Innovation with Automation

The first keynote presentation during the enterprise segment featured Mr Wasim Khan, Chief Commercial Officer, FUJIFILM Ripcord as he shared the true value of digitising data which is the usability of that data across all other business functions and contexts. For example, how understanding the past records of a hotel guest’s activities, dining preferences, special requests, to name a few, can help hotels better personalise his next stay to achieve complete customer satisfaction. FUJIFILM Ripcord is a joint venture between Ripcord and FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore. Aimed to drive digital transformation forward by completely ridding corporations of reliance on paper records, FUJIFILM Ripcord utilises state-of-the-art Robotics to not only digitise data but Artificial Intelligence to give meaning to these data as well. 

Mr Simon Piff, Vice President, Practice Group, of IDC Asia/Pacific examined how organisations that were able to harness the power of innovation not only for products but processes, customer, and employee engagement as well, are the ones who emerged stronger from challenging times. He also shared their best practices, and how all enterprises can also achieve the vision of the future digital workspace. 

The track concluded with an insightful panel discussion as enterprise leaders discussed how automation fuels innovation. The panellists involved were:

  • Mr Koh Ching Hong, Chief Executive Officer, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore
  • Mr Simon Piff, Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific
  • Mr Geok Seong Wah, Director, E-Invoice Project Office, IMDA
  • Mr Ben Chong, Chief Information Officer, ISS Facility Services Private Limited
  • Mr Abhishek Singh, Chief Digital Officer, RGE Pte. Ltd.

Mr Geok Seong Wah, Director of the E-invoice Project Office, IMDA, shared that “data is the new oil” that fuels innovation, and automation is needed for data to flow. He cited IMDA’s nationwide initiatives where automation has not only helped data to make sense within an organisation but from organisations to organisations as well, such as the Singapore Trade Data Exchange, a public-private partnership model, and InvoiceNow, which uses FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s technology to automate invoicing processes.

Empowering Small and Medium-sized Businesses Through Business Process Automation

Optimising operations, controlling cost, enhancing risk management and regulatory controls; these are buzzwords that every growing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) hope to achieve. The SMB track of the Inno-Vision Forum explored how intelligent automation with machines, systems, and processes is an essential tool to have for SMBs who are looking to scale and innovate in a Digital First World. 

The panel “Overcoming Challenges to Support Digitalisation” was kicked off by Mr Howard Ng, General Manager, Services & Solutions Business, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore, as he provided findings from the 2020 SME Digital Transformation Study by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprise, where it was found that 99% of these businesses have adopted at least the most basic level of digital technologies while only 39% perceived their digital implementation to be successful. Together with notable panellists in the sector, the discussion shed light on challenges faced by SMBs, why Business Process Automation (BPA) is essential to businesses, how up-and-coming technologies such as blockchain can optimise the implementation of BPA, and other solutions that are resource-efficient and cost-effective that can help business reach their digitisation goals. The panellists included were:

  • Siraj Iqbal, Assistant Director, E-invoice Project Office, IMDA
  • Rudy Lim, Chief Executive Officer, OIO Holdings 
  • Jeff Cham, Business Technology Director – Digital Office, M1 Limited

The panel discussion was followed by a presentation by Mr David Lane, General Manager, FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia and Mr Matt Conaghan, Head of APAC Operations, FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia, as they shared a fresh perspective on how outsourcing is no longer just a financial benefit for businesses but is now incorporated into business strategies to manage risks and allow businesses to scale in technology adoption for growth.

The Inno-Vision Forum 2021 officially concluded with an on-demand Demo Showcase where delegates could pick and play various types of solutions tailored to their organisation’s needs and watch at their own convenience.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore continues to support their customers’ innovation demands by automating workflows so that customers can focus on innovating through the times. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore serves as the gateway to digital transformation – making your business speedier, and information accessible. 

The Inno-Vision Forum is now also available on demand upon request.

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About FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore is committed to continue offering innovations to businesses globally to help maximise their organisational strengths. Having pioneered numerous technologies and accumulated expertise since its establishment as Fuji Xerox Singapore in 1965, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore builds an environment that encourages the use of one’s creativity by effectively adopting information and knowledge. FUJIFILM’s portfolio includes conducting R&D, manufacturing and sales of world-class multifunction printers, production printers and IT solutions, as well as business process outsourcing services. On April 1, 2021, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore Pte. Ltd. changed its name from Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd to a name that embodies its commitment to continue as a company that always pursues business innovation. To learn more about FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore’s commitment to innovation, customer service and sustainability, please visit   https://www-fbsg.fujifilm.com/