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Edutech Startup upGrad Expands Its Operations to Indonesia

Edutech Startup upGrad Expands Its Operations to Indonesia

An international educational technology company, upGrad, has started expanding operations to Indonesia. Ronnie Screwvala, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of upGrad said that the company provides online higher education programs according to the needs of the industry.

upGrad, he said, also aims to support workforces around the world in building their careers by becoming a trusted long-term educational partner.

“We see great potential to work with the growing ecosystem in Indonesia, especially leading universities, industry experts, educators, and various companies,” said Ronnie Screwvala during an online press conference, last month (10/12/2020).

Edutech Startup upGrad Expands Its Operations to Indonesia

UpGrad’s technology platform allows it to provide a tailored learning experience, including full interaction with faculty and faculty. Then also interaction with mentors and fellow students or students with the flexibility of study time according to their respective choices.

This method is a combination of learning through video, live classes, quizzes, and group work which makes the teaching and learning process more interesting and interactive. In addition, career development services will also be provided that can help students get results in the form of new jobs, promotions or better salaries.

UpGrad Program Completion Rate is High

The upGrad teachers deliver material (virtually) to participants or students in full during the education period to allow for a smoother orientation process, continuous guidance and motivation.

This has made upGrad record a high course completion rate of 80%, which is unprecedented in this industry at a global level. Ronnie Screwvala added that in the era of lifelong learning, it is very important to continue investing in education so that we can prepare young people to build careers in their future.

Edutech Startup upGrad Expands Its Operations to Indonesia

“That is our commitment at upGrad, making students able to achieve the careers they dream of through online higher education,” he said.

“Together with a world-class teaching team, we are ready to provide an online learning experience that is interesting and following the needs of students so that they can prepare themselves for the desired job in the future in Indonesia,” he added.

upGrad also provides a return on investment (ROI) in education through career transitions and accelerations, while building confidence by enabling graduates to advance to the career ladder more quickly.

Bridging the Skills Gap Between Job Seekers

Over the years of operation, upGrad has found a pattern that students will be able to pay back their tuition fees within 12 to 24 months of completing the education program. “In the past five years, upGrad has reached nearly one million people globally and will continue to grow.

“Furthermore, we are committed to bringing a world-class technology platform to Indonesia and jointly creating a special program for Indonesia involving local talents, university partners, companies, industry experts, and education mentors from Indonesia,” added Screwvala.

Edutech Startup upGrad Expands Its Operations to Indonesia

upGrad seeks to bridge the skills gap between job seekers and the needs that exist in the world of work which is currently an obstacle.

UpGrad’s educational programs are tailored to suit the industry through synergies from academics, industry leaders such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart and others, as well as facilitating peer to peer learning in each generation from freshmen to freshmen. PhD professionals collaborate and learn together.

The company will develop materials tailored to local needs, collaborating with academics and industry experts from various leading universities and companies in Indonesia and globally. In addition, continued Ronnie, upGrad also provides career development services that can help students get results in the form of new jobs, promotions or better salaries.

In order to stay relevant to the fast-moving and ever-changing world of work, it is very important for professionals to continuously improve themselves. Not only that, upGrad also has differentiation in terms of learning outcomes that will benefit students through transition and acceleration of career paths while building self-confidence.