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Deliveree Logistics Platform Completes 1 Trillion Rupiah Series C Funding

Deliveree Logistics Platform Completes 1 Trillion Rupiah Series C Funding

The logistics technology company operating a large-scale trucking and cargo marketplace in Indonesia, Deliveree, has completed a $70 million (approximately IDR 1 trillion) Series C funding round led by Gobi Partners and SPIL Ventures.

Deliveree Logistics Platform Completes 1 Trillion Rupiah Series C Funding

Inspire Ventures, the company’s former investor, also took part in this round. In total they have raised $109 million (1.6 trillion Rupiah) in funding over the last five years.

The company plans to use the fresh funds to increase market penetration, expand its types of services along with the presence of container cargo solutions, and carry out large-scale developments throughout South East Asia.

In addition, this funding will also be used to improve services for the tens of thousands of businesses that rely on Deliveree every day. Deliveree’s mission is to digitize logistics by making cargo transportation simple, flexible, affordable and scalable for businesses of all sizes.

This is realized through the strength of our marketplace platform that connects logistics customers with large transportation networks and service providers – what I call the logistics mega marketplace, said Deliveree Co-Founder & CEO Tom Kim.

Deliveree Logistics Platform Completes 1 Trillion Rupiah Series C Funding

Offering Robust Logistics Solutions

According to Gobi Partners Managing Partner Kay Mok, the post-pandemic has the potential to experience inflation, which is also marked by supply chain problems. Deliveree’s technology platform enables optimization and reduction of total operational costs for the shipping and logistics industry.

With our strategic investment in Deliveree, we are able to provide them with strong supply chain operational capabilities and a first in their industry, by aligning land and sea transportation modes, said Widarta Liunanda of SPIL Ventures.

This enables Deliveree’s technology platform to offer a wider range of logistics solutions beyond inland trucking with inter-island coverage, strategically supported by SPIL’s network of container ships serving all major ports in Indonesia.

Deliveree Co-Founder & CEO Tom Kim said that by joining SPIL Ventures as Deliveree’s newest investor, Deliveree will seek to integrate Deliveree’s technology with Salam Pacific, which has containers and ships that can take Deliveree to the national stage.

They [SPIL] have containers and ships, they can take us to the national stage, Tom told Bisnis some time ago. Tom explained that currently Deliveree is only big in Jabodetabek, but with the help from SPIL, he believes Deliveree can grow nationally.

In line with that, Vice President of Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines Widarta Liunanda said that with SPIL’s strategic investment in Deliveree, SPIL can provide Deliveree with a strong supply chain operational capability and a first in its industry, by aligning land and sea transportation modes.

Deliveree Logistics Platform Completes 1 Trillion Rupiah Series C Funding

Business And Technology Scalability

In the last 24 months, Deliveree claims to have increased its gross transactions by 3.2 times to a value of $100 million this year.

The company has increased the capacity of its team to almost 500 employees in four countries which makes the company into the list of the 5 largest cargo carriers in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

At the end of 2021, Deliveree announced a Partial Loading service to accommodate the needs of businesses that want to send goods, cargo, and even large/small packages without having to rent a full vehicle.

It digitizes partial loading services that are already present in conventional logistics companies by utilizing smart algorithms. When an order is placed, the Deliveree algorithm will calculate the most optimal and efficient route from the combined cargo of business people with other businesses.

It has an impact on cost efficiency and the fastest delivery estimate. The entire ordering process is carried out either through the application or the website.

According to 2021 data, Indonesia’s total logistics market will reach $240 billion or more than Rp3300 trillion. So far, there has been a logistics unicorn (J&T) and a number of soonicorns (Shipper, SiCepat, Waresix) in the logistics sector, particularly those dealing with the B2B segment.