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Compare Cloud Storage Services, Google Drive and Dropbox

Compare Cloud Storage Services, Google Drive and Dropbox

To share or store information online with others, there are many different ways such as compare cloud storage services. Services like Dropbox and Google Drive are popular, convenient choices for easy sharing of large files that you will not be able to put in an email.

Between your phone, your work computer, your laptop, and any other devices used, keeping your files organized can be a real pain. Files can be accessed from anywhere in a convenient way and keep them up to date.

Compare Cloud Storage Services, Google Drive and Dropbox

A folder can be created on your device by using Google Drive and Dropbox. Immediately, any files in that folder will be uploaded to the company’s servers, so that you have backups of your data in case something happens to your machine.

Compare Cloud Storage Services, Free storage

For those who want to try out their respective services, free storage space is offered by Both Goole Drive and Dropbox before shelling out a few bucks a month on something more permanent and expensive.

With 15 GB of free space, Google Drive comes standard which is a lot more than Dropbox’s initial 2 GB of free storage. While that gives Google an important advantage in this section, you can increase your free storage in several ways offered by Dropbox.

A basic free account can get an additional 500 MB of storage space, up to 16 GB, for each family member or friend referred to the service. A short message also can be written by users about why they happy to use Dropbox and get 125 MB for free.

While Dropbox offers more free space than Google Drive because of its additional storage space, referring friends is no easy task. Especially in this era, most people have cloud storage. Ultimately, the better is Google Drive’s free storage although Dropbox has that option.

Premium storage

If you want your data to be stored beyond a few gigabytes, which cloud storage is chosen is not matter, because you have to pay for it. A premium subscription service is offered by both Dropbox and Google Drive.

So you can have more remote storage to use. But the important thing to compare cloud storage is to choose one that has better packages. For a personal user, for its premium storage offerings, Dropbox has a business pricing structure versus person.

2TB storage space is offered by the Dropbox plus account, which adds two factor authentication and remote device wipe (which is very important for keeping files safe these days). This will set you back $10 a month or $100 for the year.

Compare Cloud Storage Services, Google Drive and Dropbox

There is also a professional account option, which offers shared link controls, 3TB of storage space and watermarking, and costs $17, and more useful features. On the other hand, Google Drive only offers three main price tiers after the free options, all of which are commonly called Google One.

A $2 per month is the first that provides 100 GB, the ability to add family members, and access to Google Experts. For Google drive, there are now additional options up to 30TB for $300 per month.

However, it is mainly focused on enterprise-level users. And after the fourth level, other benefits rarely changes. Ultimately, when it comes to pricing, Dropbox and Google Drive have their advantages. If 100 GB of space is enough, Google Drive $2per month best option is the best.

File sharing

Sharing a file is very important to many cloud storage customers because it is easier to send large folders or files to a group of people. In the web browser interface or by using the mobile app, Google Drive allows you to share folders and files.

Or you can use the option or with direct links to access email to your shared partner. The opportunity to give editing and viewing permissions to the people you share with so that you can customize the power they have.

There is no expiration date or password on those links, this is the only downside. The link has the potential to create security issues in the future if you don’t move the shares folders or files.

Dropbox offers as much flexibility as one of the considerations to compare cloud storage services as where you can assign shared files and folders. However, business and the professional account holders can set an expiration date and password on the link to help data protection in the long run.

Edit permission for the users also can be set. For professional users, the showcase feature is also a nice touch, allowing them to create portfolio pages by using Dropbox media. Seeing which files and folders you have made other accessible to you is also easier by using the Dropbox sharing page.

Privacy and Security

In a world of regular hacks of a large organization and post-Snowden disclosures, for many cloud customers, ensuring your privacy and remote data is protected is a key consideration. For its part, while files are moving, the AES 128-bit standard is used by Dropbox to encrypts your data.

Two-factor authentication to decrypt files is also offered by them so that unauthorized users cannot gain access to them. For paying customers if they lose the relevant device, they can also remotely delete sync files.

Compare Cloud Storage Services, Google Drive and Dropbox

Depending on your package, you are even allowed to replace files for different time periods by using the rollback version, offering some measures of protection against ransomware. The comparable security feature is offered by Google Drive, although it uses 128-bit AES encryption at rest and 256-bit AES encryption at files transition.

Overall, due to the clarity and openness about the certification fulfilled both of Google Drive internationally and domestically, it has a slight edge here. Dropbox has its own data peculiarities, especially for businesses that operate in Europe.

Dropbox Wins the Tight Race

The competition between Dropbox and Google Drive is closer now, with excellent paid and free services offered by both systems. But, although impressive cloud storage is offered by them, almost every time, Dropbox wins out over Google Drive.But, there are cases where your needs are better served by Google Drive. The free version of Google Drive is way better than Dropbox. So, for someone who is just interested to try cloud backups or has very few files, it can be a consideration to compare cloud storage services.