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Collaborating with Allstars.id, Gojek Brings Together SMEs and Influencers

Collaborating with Allstars.id, Gojek Brings Together SMEs and Influencers

Gojek collaborates with the influencer marketing platform Allstars.id. This collaboration presents a solution for Gojek’s MSME partners to connect directly to influencers to promote their products.

With Allstars.id, Gojek’s UMKM partners can take advantage of a feature that recommends influencers with the right network to support digital campaigns that suit their goals and budgets. This collaboration is Gojek’s commitment to support its UMKM partners to survive and grow during the pandemic.

Gojek VP Commercial Solutions and Operations, Vincent Bachtiar said, Gojek always innovates to develop technology and products to support MSMEs, especially in the midst of a pandemic so that MSMEs can survive.

Collaborating with Allstars.id, Gojek Brings Together SMEs and Influencers

“We are collaborating with stakeholders, including the technology platform Allstars.id, which has the same vision as Gojek, in facilitating MSMEs to upgrade to class,” said Vincent, in the announcement of the collaboration between Gojek and Allstars.id, Monday (15/2/2021).

Furthermore, his party is gradual, this cooperation allows UMKM partners to reach more consumers. Meanwhile, Allstars.id Business Director, Alex Wijaya said, through the Allstars.id platform, MSME players can promote their products on social media with a fast and safe process.

UMKM Partners Can Access Allstars.id from GoBiz

“The use of influencer marketing is very effective in promoting brands as well as products and services. So far, MSMEs have limited networking on social media, but with the analytics and data applied by Allstars.id, MSME partners and brands can find it easier to find influencers that match the product,” he said. Alex.

He said, with Allstars.id, MSME partners and brands can find influencers who have a positive impact on business. “There is an analytics and everything is based on data. Brands can learn the engagement rate from the Allstars.id platform,” said Alex. The Allstars.id platform can be accessed through the application or website.

Collaborating with Allstars.id, Gojek Brings Together SMEs and Influencers

Alex said, since it was launched in November 2019, there have been more than 125 thousand influencers who have joined Allstars.id. The types also vary, ranging from nano influencers (having 1,000-10 thousand followers), micro (more than 10 thousand – 100 thousand followers), macro (more than 100 thousand – 1 million), and top tier aka celebrities (more than 1 million followers).

MSME players who use Gojek’s GoBiz application can access Allstars.id services via a shuffle card during the promotional period. GoFood business partners can also get more information about Allstars.id through the GoFood Partner Community (Kompag) network education platform.

Previously, Allstars had Collaborated with LinkAja in 2020

LinkAja, the national electronic money that is engaged in the digital industry, is very sensitive to changes in marketing modes along with the changing times that move towards digital, one of which is through influencer marketing.

The company partners with the influencer marketing platform Allstars.id to market digital campaigns. Allstars.id is the first influencer platform to officially become a LinkAja partner for KOL procurement for its digital marketing program.

“We believe Famous Allstars’ track record through Allstars.id as an Influencer Marketing platform can help LinkAja reach a wider target market, and at the same time invite people to become LinkAja brand advocates,” said LinkAja’s Head of Social Media and Creative Content Veni Inovanty, as quoted Thursday (17/9/2020).

Along with the development of times that are more utilizing technology, it also encourages the transformation of media marketing from conventional to digital forms. One way is to use the services of an Influencer / Key Opinion Leader (KOL) through the use of social media platforms or what we call Influencer Marketing.

Allstars.id is an influencer marketing platform created by the nation’s children, under the company Famous Allstars. It is the most comprehensive content and influencer solution provider application in Indonesia.

This platform is designed to present the easiest solution with the aim of being able to reach the most appropriate influencers in implementing the marketing strategy of small and medium enterprises in Indonesia, from nano, micro, macro, to mega influencers.