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Build “White Label” Platform, Klikdaily’s Strategy to Accelerate Supply Chain Digitization

Build "White Label" Platform, Klikdaily's Strategy to Accelerate Supply Chain Digitization

In the midst of the huge potential for digitizing warungs, Klikdaily takes a striking differentiation in order to remain the industry’s choice.

Build "White Label" Platform, Klikdaily's Strategy to Accelerate Supply Chain Digitization

Compared to other players who focus on being a distributor, Klikdaily as a startup supply chain tech enabler focuses on integrated technology platforms and private brand development.

As explained by the Head of Public Relations & Branding of Klikdaily Rizky Novita Lestari, through collaboration with producers, entrepreneurs, and corporations, these products are distributed through a distribution system that has been vertically integrated and is supported by end-to-end integrated supply chain management (ISCM).

“Thus, as a supplier, Klikdaily can cooperate with other supply chain players to become one of the distribution channels,” he told DailySocial.id.

Build "White Label" Platform, Klikdaily's Strategy to Accelerate Supply Chain Digitization

Launch TokoNiaga

One form of ISCM implementation is the launch of TokoNiaga which is the result of a strategic collaboration with PT Niaga Nusa Abadi (NNA). Rizky explained, TokoNiaga is a form of white-label application for NNA supported by Klikdaily technology.

From an operational perspective, NNA with experience and extensive distribution network can use this application to sell NNA products and consumer goods provided by Klikdaily.

Through end-to-end supply chain management, Klikdaily can optimize warehouse utilization to real and accurate sales data processing that can be used by brand principals to determine the right sales strategy.

Moreover, transaction data can also be used to sell white-label products that have high market demand in each city. Through TokoNiaga, NNA’s distribution business will expand its product diversification, one of which is staple products.

This proves Klikdaily’s strategic position in providing digital distribution systems for many FMCG and retail companies in Indonesia. There are 300 brands that have collaborated with Klikdaily. In the first step, Klikdaily together with NNA did the first kick off in Denpasar, Bali.

Rizky believes that by combining each of these skills, the company believes that TokoNiaga can help MSMEs to obtain consumer goods easily and at affordable prices.

Build "White Label" Platform, Klikdaily's Strategy to Accelerate Supply Chain Digitization

Reasons in Choosing Bali

Regarding the reason for choosing Bali as TokoNiaga’s first kick off, Rizky said that his party saw a large and growing market potential in Bali.

Supported by the Balinese economy which is slowly improving compared to the beginning of the pandemic period in 2020-2021. Data from the Central Statistics Agency for the Province of Bali shows that the economy of Bali in the second quarter of 2021 was recorded to grow by 5.73% compared to the first quarter of 2021.

Even so, many MSMEs in Bali have difficulty in obtaining consumer goods because they are still fixated on traditional habits and offline which are less efficient.

“In fact, in this digital era, we hope that MSMEs can use a more modern system and can help them in their daily lives. Therefore, we see an opportunity to help MSMEs and the economy in Bali.”

Rizky continued, the company targets to increase the penetration of the use of the TokoNiaga application among MSMEs throughout Indonesia in order to help procure goods. “In the future, we can help the operational system so that MSMEs can work more modernly.”

The strategy above is one of a series of solutions owned by Klikdaily, which also builds a physical minimart platform with a partnership scheme supported by new retail (1Mart) services, providing end-to-end solutions from funding, smart promotion, to marketing for MSMEs.

The supply chain has great business value in Indonesia. Based on data from an independent advisor to Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI), the supply chain sector is growing on average more than 12% per year and in 2020 contributed nearly IDR 1,000 trillion to the Indonesian economy.

To support business expansion, it was stated that the company had prepared a new funding round. Klikdaily last announced Series A funding led by Global Founders Capital (GFC) in May 2020. Exactly a year earlier, it received a pre-series A funding injection from GFC, Pegasus Capital, Fundedhere, and Teja Ventures.