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Booking an OYO Room Can Pay Using GoPay and OVO

Booking an OYO Room Can Pay Using GoPay and OVO

OYO Indonesia is partnering with OVO and GoPay digital wallets to integrate an electronic payment system. In addition to simplifying the payment and refund process for guests, this service also strengthens the implementation of health protocols in the OYO ecosystem through digitization, thereby reducing physical contact.

Country Head of OYO Hotels and Home Indonesia, Agus Hartono Wijaya, said that the integration of the e-wallet feature is a commitment to continuously improve services for guests in Indonesia. “We are proactively innovating to digitize guests’ staying experiences, especially in the midst of the current pandemic.”

Booking an OYO Room Can Pay Using GoPay and OVO

“The presence of this e-wallet is expected to simplify and speed up the refund and payment process, as well as reduce physical contact at point-of-purchase which is usually done at the hotel reception desk during transactions,” said Agus, Tuesday (6/10/2020).

This digital wallet service can be used as a payment method and request a refund through the OYO application. After searching and booking the desired hotel on the OYO application, guests will be directed to choose a payment method, namely bank transfer, debit or credit card, or e-wallet.

For the refund process, guests will receive a confirmation via email after submitting a refund process. Guests can access the link in the email to fill in order details such as booking id, email and telephone number. There are also payment methods via e-wallets or bank transfers. After filling in the data, OYO will immediately process the request.

Collaboration with e-Wallets is OYO’s Long-term Commitment to Maintain Health Protocols

This payment system integration is also present as a continuation initiative of Sanitized Stay, OYO’s long-term commitment to ensuring the implementation of comprehensive health and safety protocols in operations from check-in to check-out.

“Through the digitization of the payment system coupled with the contactless check-in feature which was launched some time ago, it allows guests to make the entire process of room reservations, check-in and payments more seamlessly through their smart devices, without having to interact directly with hotel staff,” explained Agus.

Booking an OYO Room Can Pay Using GoPay and OVO

Over the past 6 months, only about 2 percent of total OYO customers in Indonesia made refund requests and currently, OYO has completed more than 99.4 percent of these refund requests.

“This means that only about 0.6 percent of customers are experiencing a delay in refunding at this time, because OYO is still waiting for guests to input their account/e-wallet number via the link provided,” he explained.

Several things have hindered the refund process, such as inaccurate customer data, such as incomplete e-mails, incorrect phone numbers and / or bank account details. Through the integration of the payment system with e-wallets, OYO targets that the payment process for consumer refunds can be done more easily and be completed in a maximum period of one week.

“We hope that the combination of e-wallet payment features, the sanitize stay program and contactless check-in can facilitate and provide our guests with peace of mind in their stay at OYO, especially during the current pandemic,” said Agus.

OYO Provides Check-in Feature without Physical Contact

OYO Hotels and Homes, which is a hotel and home chain startup, launched a touch-in check-in feature in Indonesia. This innovation is part of an ongoing effort to strengthen the health and safety protocols of its guests and hotel staff.

Booking an OYO Room Can Pay Using GoPay and OVO

Now, guests can check-in and related activities through their smart devices without having to interact directly with hotel staff. Eko Bramantyo, Country Head, OYO Hotels & Homes Indonesia said, along with increasing demand, OYO continues to strive to ensure that it and its hotel partners implement strict health and safety protocols in each property.

Since its launch in June, currently more than 550 OYO partner properties in Indonesia have participated in training and implemented the protocol, thus receiving the ‘Sanitized Stay’ label and logo on the OYO application.