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Best Dating Apps for Couple Seekers This Year, Tinder or Tantan

Best Dating Apps for Couple Seekers This Year

The best dating apps are really useful in this era. It is especially for you who want to find the right ‘one’ soon. Talking about these applications, actually, there are so many options available. They could be accessed online.

It means that you can easily download those apps from your gadgets. Various items that are available for Android or iPhone users are useful. However, sometimes it will make people a little bit confuse in order to choose the right one. 

Don’t worry since there are several recommended applications for dating that you could try. Between those options, two stand out. They come with their own features and good things to offer. So, what are these apps?

Best Dating Apps for Couple Seekers This Year, Tinder or Tantan

Best Dating Apps, Tinder?

The top list is for sure Tinder. It is so popular until now and it seems that almost all people in this world know this thing. It pioneered the slide or “swipe” feature. That can be done to the right and left sides.

The aim is to like and dislike the profiles viewed. New users are able to chat if they both “swipe” each other right or like the profile they’re viewing. Since Tinder is so famous, you have to try it; especially for the first experience.

Besides that feature, this app also offers some other else. Many users said that Tinder is not only helping them to find someone, but it is really fun to use. That is because the application has several features. Here are some of them.

1. Interesting moving animation

Animation or sticker is now a common thing. It is especially for some chatting apps such as Whatsapp, Messenger, and something like that. For your information, Tinder also has this kind of feature. However, it is a little bit different.

The animations they provided are able to move. Besides, those are also looked really cute. It means that users can show how their mood and feeling even without saying anything. That is a simple thing, but really useful.

2. The “Super Like” Feature

In addition to using Swipe, users can also rely on the “Super Like” feature. That is an option that allows recipients to get special notifications about their accounts. Through this feature, your profile will usually appear in the view of the recipient’s account.

That usually comes with a “Super Like” notification that can be responded to directly. Since it is a notification, the user will be able to know about it straight. As time goes by, you will be able to use that feature easily. 

Best Dating Apps for Couple Seekers This Year, Tinder or Tantan

3. The Popular Swipe Left and Right

As Tinder’s flagship feature, the Selective Swipe Right feature is used to like. Meanwhile, the Swipe Left is used if you don’t like someone. That can be used to determine for you the choice of the appropriate pair. 

If users like Match or someone they like, what can be done? In fact, you can automatically use the chat or conversation feature to start getting to know each other. That is so fun to do. This app will help to find someone new.

Another Option is “Tantan”

Tantan is a social app designed specifically for young people who are mostly in their early 20s. Based on the swipe and match system, it allows two users to start a conversation when they like each other. Isn’t that interesting?

It is possible to see how many users like your profile. However, it is not able to make user knowing who give that like. It means people are only able. In addition, people can also create statuses like other social media

Those become the reason why Tantan is known as one of the best dating apps nowadays. However, that is not all. In fact, this application still owns some other amazing features and services to know. Here are the lists. 

1. Simple but Interesting Design

You cannot deny that Tantan’s appearance is so interesting. The app size is smaller than Tinder. It is suitable for you who have limited storage in the gadget. The design is minimalist and elegant with an orange fox icon.

This application facilitates support in the form of hobbies and interests. People can choose what they like and can speed up meeting potential soul mates with similar hobbies. This feature is adored by the users. 

2. Show Recommendation with Nearby Location

Tantan app itself displays photos of users who are in one city or closest to where you currently live. That is so fun where the user could meet the new friend which lives not far from them. Finding a hangout – partner will be much easier.

That’s why when installing this application for the first time, you are asked to give access to the GPS location. Make sure to accept that requirement. This application is secure so far where it could be one of the best. 

Best Dating Apps for Couple Seekers This Year, Tinder or Tantan

3. Detail Information is displayed

If you click on a photo image of your friend, it will show all the information in the form of photo/video albums. That is about the owner of the photo (usually many fill with Instagram ID), job information, school, majors, hobbies, personality, and interests.

This information is very important for people who want to find a match and point them through this Tantan application. From the detailed menu of this photo, there are only 3 buttons. The X, Love, and the asterisk sign.

Which one is better?

Which one is better between those two? Actually, that question is hard to answer. Each of these apps has its own good things. Tinder may have a larger size, but it comes with so many interesting functions and features.

Meanwhile, in Tantan you could see how many people like your profile. That is something that Tinder doesn’t have except users buy the VIP membership. So, the choice is yours. They had been downloaded by so many people in this world.

One thing for sure is that those applications will make your job to find a new friend is easier. However, it is still recommended not to give all information. Always protect private information while using these best dating apps.