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Alibaba Cloud’s Commitment to Support Indonesia’s Startup Ecosystem

Alibaba Cloud's Commitment to Support Indonesia's Startup Ecosystem

A leading cloud computing technology service provider, Alibaba Cloud is increasingly strengthening its commitment to support Indonesia’s digital ecosystem.

Alibaba Cloud's Commitment to Support Indonesia's Startup Ecosystem

After seriously working on local talent in adopting cloud technology, the company recently explained how Alibaba Cloud has proven its full support for the growth of the country’s startup industry through a capable cloud infrastructure.

At least, that is the essence of the Asia Forward: Indonesia Startup Day event on Thursday, March 24, 2022, presented by Alibaba Cloud.

In the event which was held in Jakarta, a number of local startup players admitted that technology infrastructure such as cloud computing provides significant acceleration power, not only in product development, but also in an effort to accommodate market demand for consumption of digital products and services, which continues to increase from time to time.

This was stated by Ronald Molenaar as Director of Business Development from Advance.AI. As one of the startup customers, he admitted that investing in cloud infrastructure is very important for faster company growth.

Moreover, the technology and services provided by Alibaba Cloud also help it to further strengthen the company’s existence in the global sphere.

“Since the beginning, we have always trusted Alibaba Cloud as a partner to not only help us grow faster and bigger in Indonesia, but also help us to strengthen our presence in the Southeast Asian market,” said Ronald.

He also added that the company’s business, which is mostly in the realm of financial technology (fintech), would certainly not be accelerated properly, without the availability of a capable and reliable infrastructure.

Alibaba Cloud's Commitment to Support Indonesia's Startup Ecosystem

Alibaba Cloud Becomes a Solution to Support Blockchain Startups

Similar to the testimony above, Alibaba Cloud’s cloud computing solutions are also claimed to be very capable of supporting the growth of startups engaged in blockchain – a field that is currently a hot topic of conversation in the community, ranging from cryptocurrency, metaverse, to NFT.

As stated by Muhammad Wendy Taufiq Hidayah, TokoCrypto’s VP of Technology, who stated that cloud solutions are very crucial for TokoCrypto and the blockchain ecosystem within it.

He also revealed that the ecosystem of TokoCrypto’s products and services is very complex, of course it requires a reliable technology infrastructure. Alibaba Cloud is trusted to be a partner who is able to handle this.

“Moreover, currently we have Tokoverse driven by TKO (TokoToken), so we think the presence of Alibaba Cloud has an important role for us,” said the man who is familiarly called Wendy.

In the presentation at the same time, Tifi Liu, Head of Marketing Indonesia & Vietnam, Alibaba Cloud, explained how Alibaba Cloud carried out an initiative entitled “Go Startup Program”.

Tifi Liu said that the initiative carries the most comprehensive startup acceleration program in terms of technology support and cloud computing solutions.

He explained that the Go Startup Program brought the main objective to support the Indonesian startup industry to be more advanced, successful, and highly competitive in the global arena.

Alibaba Cloud's Commitment to Support Indonesia's Startup Ecosystem

Some of the Go Startup Program Agendas

In general, the Go Startup Program carries a number of agendas, such as; integrated training, workshops, demo days, to networking facilities in the international technology industry. In addition to the tactical agenda, this program also offers various benefits related to resource support, product credit, and so on.

Various startups can participate with the Go Startup Program initiative, it’s just that there are some terms and conditions such as; The startup has minimal seed funding, is a new customer of Alibaba Cloud, and most importantly has an interest and interest in cloud technology solutions.

As one of the providers of cloud computing technology services, Alibaba Cloud is a corporation that looks quite serious in working on the country’s startup industry.

The event also explained how comprehensive and dedicated technical support and training were provided from Alibaba Cloud to its customers and partners.

For startup players, this kind of support is clearly needed to build strong competitiveness, from talent to technology and product development.