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A Successful EV Charging Hong Kong Brand is Entering Malaysia

A Successful EV Charging Hong Kong Brand is Entering Malaysia

Cornerstone Technologies has covered 7,800 Private Residential EV Charging Parking Spaces and over 1,500 Public EV Charging Parking Spaces, now expanding to Europe and Asia.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 26 September 2022 – Cornerstone Technologies, a leading innovator in EV Charging Total Solutions originated in Hong Kong, is now entering Malaysia. Its entry has been marked by a number of DC chargers which have been scheduled to be ready by the end of this year. After enjoying the success in Hong Kong, Cornerstone Technologies is excited to tap into Malaysian market, confident to bring the same success to this place.

EV Charging Total Solution

Cornerstone Technologies has a strong in-house R&D team, developing one-stop EV charging solutions including award-winning chargers and software backend system to support the smooth running of the entire EV Charging System.

Cornerstone Technologies has both AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) chargers that are Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)-compliant. With the connected platform, Charge Point Operators (CPO) and EV drivers can have access to real-time charging information and other access features to give them peace of mind and flexibility. Cornerstone Technologies have received the world’s prestigious design awards “Good Design” by The Chicago Athenaeum and ‘IF Design” award from Germany for their innovative smart chargers. Recently, Cornerstone Technologies is expanding beyond its home market, Hong Kong, and starting to tap into Switzerland, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Chief Executive Officer of Cornerstone Technologies, Mr. Vincent Yip stated his confidence in making Cornerstone EV charger to be the no.1 EV Charging solution provider and the most trusted brand for EV owners in Asia. “Given the immense experience in EV Charging and established technology platform, we are excited about the opportunity in Asia, there’s plenty of potential in Malaysia and the neighboring countrieswe welcome corporations that are interested in investing for their property, we keep our arms open for a joint-venture and partnership possibility” Mr. Yip further commented.

Extensive Job References with Governments and Private Sectors

In the home-market, Hong Kong, Cornerstone Technologies has become tier 1 EV charging total solution provider for the Government. Thousands of EV charging points have been deployed supported with sophisticated CPO system. There are many “first’ technological solutions that have been developed by Cornerstone Technologies, among others: Load Management System to enable more EV chargers to be installed without having to increase electricity load, Integrated Parking System, a cashless and contactless billing system that integrates parking and charging fees into one, EVCSS (Electric Vehicle Charger Smart System) to monitor 1,800 EV chargers under various brands spread across 70 government car parks. The partnership with one of the corporations in Cambodia is also underway, more details on the operation for this market will be released soon.

Besides deploying EV chargers at thousands of residential parking spaces, Cornerstone Technologies has supplied ultra-fast 200kW DC chargers to one of Asia’s biggest public bus operators, KMB (Kowloon Motor Bus) supported withSupervisory Control and Data Acquisition system to manage the fleet.

Charge Point Operation (CPO) System

The “Cornerstone Go” CPO system completes with a Central Management System for data monitoring and reporting, Load Management System to regulate the electricity load within one car park for efficiency usage of electricity, as well as Payment System and Mobile App for a remote start and stop charging. These are crucial features for a successful charge point operator to thrive in this business. The development of the “Cornerstone Go” CPO System is intricate, however; the concept for EV owners is simple: just “Go” charge anywhere.

The transition from conventional vehicles to Electric Vehicles is imminent, therefore; the development and deployment of EV chargers must be accelerated. Currently, there is a big shortage of EV chargers everywhere in the world, the growth of electric vehicle production outpaced EV chargers deployment.

Whether you are a Property Developer, Fleet Management, Gas Stations Operator, Hotels, Super Markets or any Chain Stores, Government as well as individuals who are interested to find out how EV chargers can benefit your property, you are encouraged to email: info-intl@cstl.com.hk

Please visit Cornerstone Technologies at EVMAsia’22 September 27-29, booth number 2065, Hall 6, Level 2 at MITEC. One of the EV charging experts from Cornerstone Technologies, Mr. Vincent Chung is here to answer your questions.

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