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Traveloka Supports the Implementation of the Vaccination Festival

Traveloka Supports the Implementation of the Covid-19 Vaccination Festival

Traveloka supports the implementation of the Covid-19 Vaccination Festival for the elderly which will be held on 17-29 May 2021 at the Otista Soreang Regional Hospital, Bandung, West Java.

To help make this event a success, Traveloka provides five bus fleets for the mobilization of vaccine participants (elderly) from 13 pick-up points in the Bandung Regency area to the Otista Soreang Regional Hospital.

Traveloka revealed that it is an honor to have the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of the Covid-19 Vaccination Festival for the Elderly in Bandung Regency which was held by the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Government of West Java.

Traveloka Supports the Implementation of the Covid-19 Vaccination Festival

“We see this national vaccination program as a shared responsibility and Traveloka is committed to always playing an active role in ensuring its smoothness and success,” said Traveloka Co-Founder, Albert, in a press release, Wednesday (19/5).

In addition, Albert added, Traveloka is aware that vaccinating the elderly is a challenge for the government and other stakeholders, so Traveloka hopes that this support in Bandung Regency can help the government achieve the formation of herd immunity and national economic recovery.

Attended by Several Important Figures

The opening of the Covid-19 Vaccination Festival for the elderly in Bandung on May 18, 2021, was attended by several important figures.

This event was inaugurated by Ir. Budi Gunadi Sadikin, CHFC, CLU, Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia; H. Uu Ruzhanul Ulum SE, deputy governor of West Java Province; Dadang Supriatna, SIP, MSi, the regent of Bandung; and attended by Albert, Traveloka co-founder and all levels of government of the Bandung Regency Health Office.

Traveloka Supports the Implementation of the Covid-19 Vaccination Festival

At this vaccination event, the Bandung Regency Government is targeting 1,000 elderly people to get vaccinated as part of an effort to distribute vaccines throughout West Java.

The reason is, according to the Regent of Bandung, Dadang Supriatna, only about 4.5 percent of the elderly have just been vaccinated, which is one of the inhibiting factors, namely because the distance is quite long and difficult for the elderly to travel.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of Bandung Regency expressed their appreciation to Traveloka for taking an active role in helping the vaccination program run smoothly by providing fleets to reach elderly people in Bandung Regency areas.

About the Traveloka IPO Plan through the SPAC Method

Traveloka, the largest online travel startup in Southeast Asia, is reportedly planning to list its shares on the United States (US) stock exchange this year.

Quoting Bloomberg, Tuesday (16/2), Traveloka will conduct an IPO through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) to raise fresh funds.

Responding to this, Heru Sutadi, a Start-Up Observer, assessed that currently, digital business competition is getting tighter, while the Covid-19 pandemic has also made new investments too heavy.

“So that consolidation and IPO become the choice of start-up players,” said Heru, Wednesday (19/5). Meanwhile, Heru said the SPAC method is indeed an alternative choice for start-ups. This is because it is more difficult to find funds on the domestic capital market.

Traveloka Supports the Implementation of the Covid-19 Vaccination Festival

The domestic capital market is certainly a bit more difficult, especially for digital businesses, so SPAC is an alternative. But it seems like it’s a bit difficult at home too, so I can’t help but use this method abroad, he added.

However, Heru has not been able to provide an overview of whether the start-up listing will be successful or not through the SPAC method. To be sure, if you look at the trend of the travel, accommodation, and hotel business being constrained by Covid-19.

“We’ll see how the results work or not,” he said. Heru also projects that Traveloka’s floor valuation is estimated at US$ 5 billion.

Meanwhile, a travel service provider startup aka online travel agent (OTA) Tiket.com is reportedly reviewing a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) to list its initial shares or IPO.