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Through ZipUp+, Zipmex Helps Investors Accelerate Crypto Investment Returns

Through ZipUp+, Zipmex Helps Investors Accelerate Crypto Investment Returns

Digital transformation makes things easy to do, including investing. Where in the past the choice of investment instruments was limited to banking products, property or commodities, digital transformation presents the option to invest in crypto assets.

Through ZipUp+, Zipmex Helps Investors Accelerate Crypto Investment Returns

Crypto assets are digital investment assets based on blockchain technology. Crypto assets or also known as cryptocurrencies are virtual means of exchange that allow a high level of transaction security without going through third-party intermediaries.

In terms of technology, in the last decade there have also been many innovations that have emerged in the world of cryptocurrencies. So crypto assets become a mainstream commodity as well as being touted as an alternative investment in the digital era.

Because investing in crypto assets provides many advantages that cannot be found in other investment instruments.

Some of the advantages of this digital investment is a solid decentralized system that allows transactions to transfer funds safely and super fast because it does not go through a third-hand process.

In addition, crypto-asset investments must be able to generate noteworthy profits. The value of the crypto market has skyrocketed over the past decade with a market cap of at least USD 2 trillion.

These advantages have finally made investing in crypto assets into one of the investment options favored by the younger generation in Indonesia.

The Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA) noted that the value of crypto asset transactions in 2021 increased a thousand percent more than the previous year, which reached Rp. 859.4 trillion. This clearly proves the high investment interest of the Indonesian people in crypto assets.

Meanwhile, based on data released by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA), it is currently recorded that the number of investors and the value of crypto asset transactions in Indonesia in early 2022 increased quite significantly.

Through ZipUp+, Zipmex Helps Investors Accelerate Crypto Investment Returns

Zipmex Is Present During A Good Crypto Investment Climate In Indonesia

The high number of crypto asset investors based on data from CoFTRA is in line with a survey conducted by Zipmex, one of the fastest-growing digital asset platforms in Asia Pacific.

Based on an independent survey conducted by Zipmex in Indonesia in early 2022, two out of three respondents expressed interest in investing in crypto.

Although relatively new, the popularity of crypto assets as an alternative investment instrument has even overtaken the popularity of conventional assets such as gold, mutual funds, deposits, and property.

“We have a mission to play an active role in educating the market and contribute to the community’s efforts to maximize their investment during a dynamic market situation through our various services,” said Siska Lestari, Head of Growth at Zipmex Indonesia.

Founded in 2018, Zipmex is registered and regulated to operate in Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Indonesia.

At the end of August last year, Zipmex announced the acquisition of series B funding of $41 million or equivalent to IDR 585 billion led by Bank of Ayudhya, TNB Aura, B Capital Group, Jump Capital, and several other investors.

Through ZipUp+, Zipmex Helps Investors Accelerate Crypto Investment Returns

Zipmex Feature Innovation as A Crypto Investment Earning Platform

In Indonesia, Zipmex is regulated and registered with CoFTRA and the Ministry of Communication and Information. Currently, the Zipmex platform has 115 crypto assets that can be traded on its exchange.

Zipmex is also equipped with various features that allow users to earn passive income from crypto assets, one of which is ZipUp+.

The global crypto asset market is known to have experienced a downward trend since last May. The decision of the United States central bank (The Fed) to raise interest rates by 0.75% prompted most investors to sell their crypto assets and switch to more conservative instruments.

That’s why, crypto assets are experiencing a correction due to low demand in the market. Meanwhile, in terms of internal factors, the issue that occurred in the TerraUSD stablecoin has resulted in a domino effect of decreasing the value of crypto assets as a whole.