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Through My Video Call, Indonesian Startup Expands to Vietnam

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Evoking the trend of ringtone in the early 2000s, PT Indonesia Satu Tujuh launched MViCall, a short for My Video Call. This technology-based startup has even penetrated the Vietnam market. Long ago, many cell phone users were not satisfied with the standard ringtone choices provided on their mobile devices.

Therefore, premium ringtones that vary from unique and funny sounds to favorite songs have finally become the choice of consumers. Then, the ringback tone innovation slowly rose in 2007. They could help the caller to be a little entertained while listening to unique ringback tones or songs.

The ringback tone may increase the income of cellular telecommunication operators, content providers, and record labels as well as music artists and songwriters. Meanwhile, the cellular telecommunication industry continues to grow rapidly and this is used by PT Indonesia Satu Tujuh to offer new ringback tone content.

MViCall Is Claimed to Be a New Creative Trend in Communication

“After a very time-consuming internal trial and also field trials that showed very encouraging results, we’re confident and proud to introduce and launch a new creative trend in communication. It’s called MViCall,” Teuku Amershah, the CEO of PT Indonesia Satu Tujuh, said.

When introducing the My Video Call application at the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) Building in Jakarta, Teuku Amershah explained that MViCall was prepared as a new trend in telephone calls between cellular users. Thus, it is supposed to bring many benefits to all stakeholders.

“We also hope that through this application new creations will emerge. This application allows the recipients of a telephone call to see the video of the caller or the selected video of the caller on their smartphone screen. It would automatically replace the ringtone,” he said.

Teuku further explained that the choice of video caller can vary from a funny video recorded previously by the caller to a music video clip from his/her favorite artists. In this case, the video can be selected via the MViCall application menu.

MViCall Has Successfully Won Several International Tech Events

Meanwhile, Andhy Setyo Nugroho, the CTO of PT Indonesia Satu Tujuh, reported that MViCall has become a champion in several international technology events that are conducted in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the US in August 2019. This application also enlivened the ITU Telecom World event in Budapest, Hungary in early September.

“The technology used in this application is the latest one that allows users to update their videos that will appear on the receiver’s screen in a short time,” he said. Moreover, the application had been downloaded by 1 million users.

“The application has actually been launched since the end of 2018. Now it has penetrated Vietnam and Soon expansion to Cambodia and 11 other countries,” he explained. The management of PT Indonesia Satu Tujuh also expressed their gratitude for other parties.

In this case, they appreciate the serious support provided by the Creative Economy Agency and the Indonesian Mobile and Online Content Provider Association (IMOCA). Hopefully, MViCall can be included in the world event and can be a trigger for the presence of other local content.