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Through Indonesia Knowledge Forum, BCA Introduce Investment in Startup Businesses

BCA investment startup Indonesia Knowledge Forum

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) introduced the significance of investment through the Indonesia Knowledge Forum (IKF) VIII 2019. The event which is titled “Capital-Culture Nurturing Mindset for the Next Era of Capital Culture” would be held on 8-9 October 2019 at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta.

Senior Vice President Learning and Development of BCA, Alrianto Djunadi, said that it is important to grow the spirit of investment among the people of Indonesia to support the country’s economic growth. It is obvious, especially considering the development of smart tech and digitalization.

“Along with the rapid development of smart technology and digitalization, new trends of investment based on application platforms have grown. The community is now increasingly facilitated to participate in startups and increase revenue through these investments,” Djunadi said at Menara BCA on Thursday (9/26).

He continued to explain that startups and new investment segments have sprung up since the trends and lifestyles of the people are growing quickly as well. And it is also supported by the advancement of smart technology which is very popular right now.

BCA Wants to Inspire the Community to Invest and Build Startups

“Marketing and fundraising are now increasingly easy thanks to smart technology. It encourages the growth of startup businesses and very specific investment segments that are previously deemed unappealing and less competitive,” Djunadi explained. For this reason, he said that IKF VIII can provide solutions.

Through IKF VIII, BCA wants to inspire all people to invest and build a startup business in Indonesia. This event could show the community that investing in startup businesses is easier than ever, thanks to technology advancement and internet penetration in this country.

“A lot of successful figures from the recent trend of startups will be speakers at IKF VIII. Thus, through sharing, the public can get insights and inspiration to manage their investments and startup businesses which affect Indonesia’s economic growth,” he added.

On a similar occasion, the Economic Observer and Independent Commissioner of BCA, Cyrilus Harinowo, said that one method to improve financial literacy and accelerate its implementation in the society is through innovation both digital and non-digital, and every year, IKF becomes a good place for it.

IKF VIII Would Present Many Important Figures

“IKF VIII would be one form of BCA’s support for the government’s strategy and implementation as an effort to bridge the needs of organizations and individuals. This is especially important for managing capital and investing in the industrial era 4.0,” Harinowo said.

IKF VIII 2019 will invite Sri Mulyani as the Minister of Finance. Moreover, the head of Bappenas, Bambang Brodjonegoro would be presented as a keynote speaker. The event would last for two days and there will be 32 competent speakers to participate and share knowledge.

Some inspiring figures who would participate in this event include a writerpreneur, Raditya Dika, Co-Founder of Rollover Reaction Cosmetic Dinar Amanda, Founder and Present Director of Binar Academy Alamanda Shantika, CEO and Co-Founder of Kitabisa.com Alfatih Timur, Holistic Healing Expert Reza Gunawan, Indestri Founder Leonard Theosabrata, and many other speakers.