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The Best Trading Online Application for Android Users

The Best Trading Online Application for Android Users

The best trading apps available for now really can help you to try this activity. Since it is an online application, users may download it through their gadget. However, make sure that those are compatible to use.

That option will make the trading activity is much easier than before. Why? It is because you could access real – time data anywhere and anytime. So many applications are available right now, whether free or paid ones. 

The Best Trading Online Application for Android Users

However, it is a fact that not all apps can give the best performance. That is why, it is recommended for you to choose the reliable one. Until now, there are two recommended options that could be used as a reference.

MetaTrader Is One of the Best Trading Apps

MetaTrader 4 is one of the most popular applications to do forex trading at the present time. It provides various indicators and instruments to do technical analysis. A lot of people know that it comes with a lot of good things.

This app can be downloaded to your gadgets easily. As a trader, you must know that the forex indicators are varied. Those are like the moving average and ATR. A trader has to choose the right one for the best strategy.

MetaTrader 4 will help users to get a lot of information so that they can consider doing the long or shorth trading. In addition, this app also has some other interesting features, What are them? Here are the lists.

1. Supported by All Systems

It is the reason why this one of the best trading apps for android has so many users. This application is supported by all systems available today. Those are like the Android, ios, windows, up to the mac.

You don’t have to be worried while using MetaTrader 4. It is because they are available in various different languages. That will make the use of this app is much easier than the others. English is the common one to choose from.

2. Tons of Facilities

This tool has some interesting facilities and graphics. First of all is called the scripting. It will help users to modify, edit, or analyze everything comfortably. The next one is called robot trading to make an automatic transaction.

All activities which are done are connected to the internal email system that wills possibly traders to get the information about forex as soon as possible. This app also has the trusted security system with the updated encryption. 

The Best Trading Online Application for Android Users

3. Traders can do various different orders

MetaTrader 4 is a tool that will let users to do various kinds of orders, whether direct or delayed. In addition, you are able to put the take profit and stop loss to maintain the profit from a trading activity.

That way can limit the risk automatically. That is why, this application is one of the best options for all kinds of traders. It doesn’t mind whether you are the beginner one. The user’s friendly characteristic will make everything is going smoothly. 

4. Easy to Install

Now you can still download the desktop version of Metatrader 4 through the Metaquotes website. The mobile app version is also still available on Google PlayStore. The free demo account with virtual money capital is also available. 

That could be used as soon as after the users download this application. Practice trading demo accounts with the simpler Metatrader 4 platform can be easier for beginner traders. It is a way to train your skill in trading.

Trade Interceptor as the Second Option

The second option that you can have is Trade Interceptor. This tool has been acquired by Think Markets Company. It is an app with the base of agnostic broker. It is focused on the strong functionality mapping. What is this?

Actually, that is a service that can be only found in the sophisticated desktop platform. A lot of people said that this app is actually quite similar to MetaTrader 4. However, there are several things that can differ those two.

One of the skills that Trade Interceptor has is its replaying the history of market movements. That will make a beginner is easier to train. Besides that, there are still several other features owned by this tool. What are them?

1. Free to Download

This forex trading application comes in android and iOS versions for free. However, Trade Interceptor is suitable for professional traders and foreign exchange analysis. It works similarly to MetaTrader, as it allows traders to see quotes in real – time. 

One of the advantages is being able to present the history of market movements in the past. Trends in the past can be a reference for traders in determining strategies and making better decisions in the future.

The Best Trading Online Application for Android Users

2. Various different features

Trade Interceptor provides a lot of interesting features to make traders are easier in trading. Those are like 160 indicators and drawing tools. That can be used to draw your analysis result. 14 modern charting models are also available.

Trade Interceptor is also a great tool to find the best currency which is suitable for yours. It also owns the shared screen mode that wills possibly you to check for more than one market at the same time. Isn’t that great? 

Both are amazing

That is true. MetaTrader 4 and Trade Interceptor are two leading applications for trading that you can download at the present time. They are not only available for the Android operating system, but also ios and windows.

In addition, they also offer wide varieties for the market. Those come from Europe, Asia, and America. The good thing is that the free demo account is provided. It is a simulator tool that can be used by a beginner.

It means that you can try the real trading situation although that is only the simulation one. However, you couldn’t deny that MetaTrader 4 is more popular than the others. A lot of people decide to use it.

If you want to play safe, it is better to follow their decision. However, if you found that MetaTrader 4 is not the right one, downloading the Trade Interceptor is the wise one. They are the best trading apps so far.