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SwitzGo sets to expand as the new food and groceries delivery player

SwitzGo sets to expand as the new food and groceries delivery player

Ensuring safer delivery with the best safety features through NanoSeptic bags

As Malaysia sees demand surging for food and groceries delivery service during the movement control order (MCO) due to Covid-19 outbreak, SwitzGo, a new player in the industry, steps up to fill in the gap to meet customers’ needs. The startup company aims to fulfill the demands in food delivery service by introducing a much safer delivery option- the NanoSeptic stickers in the delivery bags that have been used worldwide in various industries, the first delivery company in Malaysia to introduce the NanoSeptic technology.

SwitzGo sets to expand as the new food and groceries delivery player

“The NanoSeptic surface has been used widely in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, travel, education and businesses to ensure common touch points such as door handles, elevators, common areas and bathroom remain visibly clean and free from bacteria and virus. So, we adopt the same technology to line our delivery bags and ensure the safety and cleanliness of the food,” said Amir Latiff, Chief Marketing Officer of SwitzGo. “This unique feature puts us forward ahead of the rest and will enable us to grab a portion of the existing market share as customers realize the need for extra safety precautions”. 

Explaining further about advanced technology, Amir Latiff said, the NanoSeptic surface is powered by light and utilizes mineral nano-crystals which create a powerful oxidation reaction. It continues to oxidize organic contaminants 24/7 and does not leave any poisonous, chemical or heavy metal residues that harm consumers.

As the brand has officially launched for the public to use, SwitzGo is creating more job opportunities for Malaysians especially those who have lost their source of income to join the company in their continuous expansion plan. As a precaution, each rider will have to go through strict health screening daily and is provided with 3 face masks daily and sufficient amount of hand sanitizers before riding for delivery.

SwitzGo sets to expand as the new food and groceries delivery player

In the first quarter of 2020, SwitzGo estimated around 20% of food orders were made online as Malaysians still preferred to enjoy their food served piping hot from the kitchen. However, after MCO was announced with the government encouraging the ‘rakyat’ to turn to online shopping and food delivery to reduce risks of Covid-19 infection, the recently launched food and grocery delivery company saw that online transactions tripled and the demand for online food delivery soared higher than before.

“However, can the existing players meet the expectations of customers who rely heavily on online food order? We have already seen comments trending on Social Media on customers’ frustrations with online food delivery – order not received, delay in delivery, delay in refund, food prices are becoming substantially more expensive compared to dine-in, and so on. This scenario easily shows that there are more opportunities in our food delivery industry,” he added.

Currently SwitzGo offers food delivery within Bangsar and Petaling Jaya areas promising 40 minute-delivery without extra fees, making their food selection more affordable compared to its competitors. Working with more than 100 restaurants presently, vendors and hawkers around the area, SwitzGo aimed to penetrate other areas in the Klang Valley and other state capitals within the next 3 months by getting at least 10 new restaurants and eateries onboard every week. As an incentive for food businesses to start partnering with SwitzGo, the brand waives any commissions until 31 August 2020 to ensure high profit margins as their restaurants can only accommodate 50% of the full capacity at one time due to the social distancing standard operating procedures announced by the government.

In the near future, SwitzGo plans to work with local farmers to bring fresh fruits and vegetables from farm to table, removing all middlemen to ensure fair prices to Malaysian consumers. The brand will also expand the business in parcel and documents delivery to support high demand in online shopping, business transactions and many more.