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Professionals Are Highly Needed by Digital Startup Business

Professionals Are Highly Needed by Startup Business

The rapid economic development of digital startup opens up job opportunities and new types of jobs that did not exist before. Based on data from the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf), the workforce needs for the digital sector are around 600 thousand people per year and still cannot be met.

The need is high because many technology companies have been born in recent years. So what kind of jobs are the most sought after by companies in Indonesia? Gojek’s Software Engineer, Giri Kuncoro, said that extensive engineering is most needed in the digital sector today.

Professionals Are Highly Needed by Digital Startup Business

Giri said that this sector needed experts involved in product development. Despite rapid development, the digital economy in Indonesia is still very young and needs more improvement.

He also said that the current curriculum is still not of sufficient quality to produce human resources following the needs of the digital industry. It will be a big job for the government to revise the curriculum to meet the needs of the faster-running digital industry.

Digital Workforce Needs Will Reach 17 Million People

The government even projects that by 2030 with the rapid development of the digital economy, the workforce needed will reach 17 million people. This means that there will be many opportunities in the digital industry. Therefore, there must be a good program to prepare human resources.

Previously, based on the latest report from Temasek, Google, and Bain Company entitled e-Conomy SEA 2019, it was stated that Indonesia and Vietnam are the two countries with the fastest digital economic growth in Southeast Asia. The report states that Indonesia’s digital economy will have a value of forty billion-dollars.

Indonesia’s digital economy has grown four times since 2015. The average growth is 49% per year. “As the fastest-growing internet economy in the region, Indonesia is on the right track to penetrate (the digital economic value) more than one hundred billion-dollars by 2025,” wrote Temasek, Google, and Bain Company.

At present, Indonesia has many companies operating in various industries. The application of digital technology in most companies. For this reason, Indonesian workers who do not understand the digital industry can immediately lose their jobs due to the transformation of the digital age.

Professionals Are Highly Needed by Digital Startup Business

Jobs and Salary Required at Indonesian Technology Companies

Then, what work is most needed in Indonesia in the transformation of this digital age and its salary? According to the Kelly Services report titled 2019 Indonesian Salary Guide. Some of the jobs that have high salaries are:

1. Product Manager

Product Manager gets the highest salary with salary rates up to fifty-five million rupiahs. This position is ranked first in salary income. But make no mistake, because this position has a very big responsibility.

2. System Engineer

Meanwhile, there is also a System Engineer who receives a salary of between sixteen million to fifty million rupiahs. Those who take over this profession are required to create leading systems to support the development of the company.

3. Software Developers

Software Developers are high-paying jobs with salaries ranging from fifteen million to forty million rupiahs. Developing software is not easy, for this profession has a fairly large salary with a big responsibility as well.

Professionals Are Highly Needed by Digital Startup Business

4. Data Analyst

Another job that has a fantastic salary is Data Analyst who receives eleven million to twenty-seven million rupiahs. In this profession, very thorough accuracy is needed, because they must be able to analyze all the data in the company.

The era of digitalization has changed the way people think, live, and relate to one another. Significant changes in technology also cause changes in other fields such as economic, social, and political. This will affect changes in human resource requirements as well.

However, there are still many human resources that have not been able to handle it. Of course, it will take time to be able to keep abreast of industry developments. With startup in the current digitalization era, specific skills needed to handle new technology can be obtained through the company.