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Mamikos Now has 120 Thousand Partners and 6.8 Million Users

Mamikos Now has 120 Thousand Partners and 6.8 Million Users

The boarding house search platform, Mamikos, has turned 5 years old. Currently, 120 thousand partners are connected with 6-8 million boarders each month. Partners collaborated with Mamikos spread in more than 140 cities throughout Indonesia. This shows that Mamikos is increasingly trusted as a platform for boarding houses.

Throughout its business journey, Mamikos has innovated to launch and develop various solution features for users. Rows of features that can be used by boarding house seekers ranging from Boarding Facility Filters, Direct Booking, Mami Checker, 360-degree photos, and various payment methods.

Mamikos Now has 120 Thousand Partners and 6.8 Million Users

Meanwhile, partners can take advantage of features such as Boarding House Management, Mamikos Goldplus, Premium Package, Singgahsini, and Mamipoin. Boarding house management, for example, is a feature that makes it easier for partners to monitor the boarding house business and its business financial condition.

Other conveniences include the ability to manage bookings to prevent accumulation of boarding room orders, easy monitoring of tenant payment status, automatic billing system before maturity, checking of prospective tenant data, and clear terms & conditions of cooperation from the start. Mamikos co-founder and CEO, Maria Regina Anggit said, at the age of 5, Mamikos hopes to continue growing with new enthusiasm.

“This achievement is thanks to the support of all loyal Mamikos users, as well as our employees who have dedicated time together to develop Mamikos. We view this five-year journey as a series of milestones or stages to continue to develop,” Anggit said in a statement, Thursday (12/11/2020).

Continue to Improve Services and Present Solutions for Partners and Users

Anggit said, Mamikos seeks to create technology-based solutions to support the Indonesian boarding house industry not only on listings. “Mamikos is committed to assisting Mitra Mamikos in managing their boarding houses and building a smooth boarding house business. We continue to improve a series of plans, be it product innovation, cooperation, to service improvements,” said Anggit.

Thus, Mamikos is expected to be able to realize a broader vision of being a partner for the boarding house business and the lives of boarding boys who continue to develop and grow together. For partners, Mamikos is considered to be able to increase its boarding house business. Moreover, one of the Mamikos partners admitted that 98 percent of the boarding house occupants were through the Mamikos platform.

Mamikos Now has 120 Thousand Partners and 6.8 Million Users

According to partners, the Mamikos application is easy to use and its features are quite helpful in managing its business. That way, managing a boarding house business using Mamikos is considered more efficient. In order to celebrate Mamikos 5th Anniversary, Mamikos presents a series of attractive promos from 01 October to 13 November 2020.

Boarding house seekers can enjoy various kinds of promos such as discount vouchers up to Rp. 500,000 for boarding payments via Mamikos. Meanwhile, Mamikos Partners who already have MamiPoin can exchange points and enjoy promos in the form of a 50 percent discount for prizes available at MamiPoin.

Has Experienced a Decrease in Occupancy

The Covid-19 pandemic has become a gap in society. However, various levels of business must continue to run even in the midst of uncertain situations. Start-up businesses or start-ups also continue to run, such as boarding house finder services through the application, Mamikos.

Maria Regina Anggit Tut Pinilih as Co-founder & CEO of Mamikos explained, even though in the midst of this pandemic situation, Mamikos tends to show a decline, but its development is still relatively stable from a business perspective.

Mamikos Now has 120 Thousand Partners and 6.8 Million Users

“According to data collected from Mamikos regarding boarding houses before Eid (mid March – May 2020), there is a slight decrease in occupancy. This is due partly to the work and lecture processes that are conducted online,” explained Maria.

Entering the New Normal era and the easing of the PSBB, since June 2020 it has increased again. Even now, the search for boarding houses has remained stable. “We hope that this condition will soon improve so that the rental housing business can immediately revive and boarding house owners who are members of Mamikos can improve their boarding house occupancy again,” he said.